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Acoustic Ceilings Perth

Superior Acoustic Ceilings - 30 years of experience in Perth/WA.

Are you looking for a superior acoustic ceiling with excellent sound absorption? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We at Novaproducts have been working in the Acoustic Ceiling market for over 30 years, meaning we know what we’re doing.  Our best selling designer ceilings Ripplesound and Rippletone are known for their superior acoustic performance. Both product are built on the founding principle of a laser guided focus on sound absorption. Specified and installed on hundreds of projects around Australia, these two products are favourites amongst Architects and engineers. Ripplesound and RippleTone can be used to form full ceilings, floating or feature various panels for ceilings, walls and other features with minimal weight loadings.


  • Ideal for Aquatic Centres
  • Made from Corrugated perforated aluminium
  • Superior Acoustic Rating (NRC from 0.70)
  • Polythene Vapour Barrier Controls Condensation
  • Lightweight
  • Green Product
  • Easy to install with Renhurst FasTrack® Suspension System

ripplesound acoustic ceilings perth

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  • Ideal for Office areas
  • Superior Acoustic Rating (NRC from 0.80)
  • Stunning Design
  • Astonishingly  lightweight with Longitudinal Flexibility
  • An excellent option for walls as well as ceilings.
  • Green product
  • Easy to install with Renhurst FasTrack® Suspension System

german ceiling perth

backside acoustic ceilings rippletone

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Brass Tactiles – Wide range in Perth

Novaproducts Brass TGSI Hazard tactiles are ideal for retro fit-outs of heritage buildings. The tactiles are made from solid brass and tested to Australian standards. You can expect a high quality, long-lasting and durable product.

We supply a wide range of brass tactile indicators however our most popular options are the countersunk and the “bang-in” style with nylon plug. In order to make your installation as smooth and easy as possible, we can supply drilling templates for tactiles as well. Novaproducts can help you with the installation of brass tactiles if required, we have gained years of experience and have installed them at many projects across Western Australia and Perth metro. If you have any questions regarding our wide range of brass and stainless steel tactile indicators, contact us today!

Nova Brass 2810B Anchorback

  • Tested to Australian Standards, P5 Slip Rated
  • 20mm Stemback
  • Bang-in Style with nylon plug also available.
  • Requires 60% contrast with floor surface.

Tested to Australian Standards, P5 Slip Rated
20mm Stemback
Bang-in Style with nylon plug also available.
Requires 60% contrast with floor surface.

Brass long stem tactile

brass tactiles installed in perth

Nova Brass 2816B Texbase

  • Tested to Australian Standards
  • Indent product
  • Uncoated Brass Alloy
  • Ideal for retro fitting old buildings

Brass Texbase Tactiles

brass tactile indicators

Warning – Read this carefully prior to installation.

Brass is subject to natural oxidisation and will receive a darker colour over time. It should be carefully considered as your installation may be compliant on install but over time the colour contrast will be lost and it will turn NON compliant with AS/NZ 1428.4. Specification of brass should include a strong emphasis to client to maintain brass surface as installed. Alternatively,  designers should have a colour contrast test done based on oxidised version. Protective coating will prolong the shiny finish but may slightly colour black insert on the topdeck version.

Novaproducts has a passion for innovation and quality that separates us form other suppliers. We take the project with personal attention and offer a consulting appointment and following installation,  a certification appointment.

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Wide Range of stair Treads in Perth - Find out whats best for you

stair-treads-perth installation

What stair tread do I choose?

We at Novaproducts global supply a wide of both internal and external stair treads. Novaproducts has been supplying stair nosing and stair treads to Western Australia for over 30 years. We have literally Supplied to and supplied and installed over 1000 stair tread projects across western Australia. Over the years the team at Novaproducts have gained massive experience and knows what the right thing your project is. One of our core values in the company is to provide long life solutions for long life building, meaning if you choose us at Nova you choose quality and dedication. Let us know what the criteria and specifications are for your project and we will come up with a economical solution which is tailored for your project.

What applications do stair treads have?

Stair tread nosing can be applied both externally and internally.  We have over the years developed products which have super anti-slip properties. They are easy to clean, very durable and have a wide range of anodizing options. We have stair treads which are ideal for hard floors, timber treads, metal stairs, ladders you name it. Many of our tread options are locally made in Perth, meaning more work stays in Western Australia.




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pvc-yellow-stair nosing

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Nova CCRG 10 panther Stair Tread


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OT 51 Stairtile Stair Tread


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Tiger 2.0 Stair Tread


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The Australian building code is always changing, make sure that you are up to date with the latest stair tread standards, we at Novaproducts can help you find out weather your nosings are compliant or not-

What does the AS 1428 say about stair tread nosing? Find out here! 

How to Install Novabond Aluminum Composite Panel

Novabond Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is the premium choice for discerning architects, NOVABOND ACP turns ordinary buidings into extraordinary pieces of art! The options are endless. The results are spectacular. The pictures below describe a common Novabond order from the initial cad drawing to the actual supply of the product.

Canopy framework. Before Novabond installation

Canopy framework. Before Novabond installation

CAD Design Service. Panel Layout designed by Novaproducts.

CAD Design Service. Panel Layout designed by Novaproducts.

CNC Services. Novabond 4mm ACP Sheet being Cut to Size in Novaproducts Factory using CNC Machine

CNC Services. Novabond 4mm ACP Sheet being Cut to Size in Novaproducts Factory using CNC Machine

Aluminium Composite Cladding

Aluminium Composite Cladding fabricated to cassette panels fitted with z section ready for delivery to site.


Novabond Sheets installed on the top of the entrance canopy.


Novabond Being Installed at the Quattro on Bannister.


All done. Another Novabond project completed successfully by Novaproducts Global.

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Why do we install Tactile Indicators?


Short Answer: To assist the navigation of Individuals with visual impairment.

Long Answer: Individuals with disabilities have the rights to dignified, risk-free and independent access to the built environment. Around 330 000 Australians are vision-impaired or blind and many more have some reduction in their eye sight. (As 1428)
Tactile indicators are used to assist individuals with visual impairments to navigate their way around space and make them aware of potential obstacles and hazards in an area.  An important thing to keep in mind when choosing tactiles for your next project is that they provide adequate luminescence contrast that comply with the current 1428 Australian standard. Read More.

Why do we install Stair nosing?


Stair nosing installed in Western Australia

Short Answer: Stair nosing provide extra visibility of the steps and add extra safety.

Long Answer: As mentioned previously more than 330 000 Australians are today blind or vision-impaired, due to an ageing population this number is expected to rise and  double within the next 25 years. (AS 1428) Stair nosing makes it easier for a vision-impaired person to see the edge of the stair, thus making the stair safer. The Australian compliance code is always changing, make sure you are up to date. Read More.

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How to choose your next entry mat –A simple Guide

In Australia, entrance matting should be selected based on weather conditions. Particularly in WA, NT, NSW and QLD. An example would be in WA and Victoria where the UV rating is very high much of the year. Using European matting products which are not designed for UV may deteriorate fast. Matting in SA, Tasmania and New Zealand do not require the same demand of fade however, they need a lot more moisture removal

The most common mistake

The most common specification mistake is a small amount of entry matting in the walking direction and a large amount in the width. The width of the entry mat rarely gets walked on, which leads this being a waste of budget for most commercial entry mats. Some rule of thumb methods is ensuring 5 steps in the walking direction at a normal 600 mm step distance. Sometimes this is not practical , with more than 30 years in the business, we can help you here. However, our modular system, pedestrian matting will use all the width of matting if designed right and is specially created for this purpose. Click here for More info on our entry mats. 

With Novaproducts consultancy service we are able to visit your office/view your drawings to ensure that the entry mats you specify are not going to be ineffective or a waste of budget.

Fulfill your duty as a specifier

It is now an Australian duty of care to provide matting to remove slippery and hazardous material at commercial entry’s.  In order to fulfil your duty of care as a specifier, a reasonable amount of entry matting should be used to allow sufficient dirt and moisture removal for normal walking patterns and traffic expected in the worst weather.
Maintenance schedules and program should be considered, if an entry mat is used that requires cleaning daily. If the building program is weekly then it is likely the matting will stop reducing the dirt walked in by the second day and you only have a 20% functional mat.
An entry mat that is specified for outdoors with fibrous texture when exposed to rain, may be worse than having to entry mat at all.

Entry mat installed in Perth

Our Solution

Send your drawings through to use by email and we will ask you a few question and then present you with our suggestions.

We will create the most economical matting design suited to your project.
Some questions are:
1. How many people passes per day on average in winter?
2. What percent of foot dirt do you want removed at the dirt barrier zone?(*80% should be a minimum aim)
3. What type of foot wear will be most common for moisture removal matting?
4. Will you be using self-opening doors, rotary doors, Manuel doors?
5. Will the entry before the mat be covered?
6. What finish eg Brick paving?
7. Will it be expected that umbrella shaking will happen near entrance matting?
8. Will matting be exposed to UV through glass or outside?
9. What is the longest distance you can design matting in the walking direction?
10. What will be the cleaning cycle of mat wells?
11. How will they clean the door matting?
12. What life would they like to see novatred mats last?
13. What colors are you wanting the door mats to be?
14. Is there likely a sudden rush of water possible from storm or cleaning that you need to drain the matting?
15. Is OH&S with lifting matting an issue?
16. Is theft an issue?
17. Is the matting commercial in Perth?
18. Is removal of mats and being used as a weapon an issue (Detention facility)?
19. Is the budget reasonable or very tight? Matting varies from (Cheap $90/m2 – awesome aesthetics @$1200/m2)
20. Is there likely to be any cut outs from sliding door guides, or flooring or bollards?
21. Will mats be shaped or rectangle.
22. Is there Storm water nearby to door mats?
23. Is there an allowance of 25mm for matwell frames?
24. Do you need green certification/environmental friendly?
25. Do you need fire certification?
26. Do you need slip resistance certification?


-UV stabilised
-Complies with all BCA requirements
-Long Design life
-WA Made
-12 year warranty

Novatred entrance matting

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Please understand that the more requirements you specify the better we can suggest the product. If you don’t have time to answer all these questions. Contact a consultant today and we will be happy to assist you. Perth office number 08 9455 2228.

Superior Stainless Steel Tactile Installation from $700/sqm*

Dear Client, due to new arrangements we are happy to announce that we have dropped our price on the installation of our premium stainless steel tactile indicators. Your next project will without doubt benefit from our new price.
Stainless steel tactile installation

Novaproducts Global is known for delivering premium installation and design. Contact us today and let one of our friendly team members help you out. Conditions apply.


Studded Rubber Flooring
Stunning Design, Great Price, Short Lead Times.

Rubber Flooring

In our latest market analysis we found that Novaproducts Global has the best price in Western Australia. Further we found that our lead times on studded rubber flooring were significantly lower than the competitions. Many of our competitors had 12-14 weeks lead time, our stock is located in Central Australia which means our leadtimes are as short as 1-2 weeks*


  • Novaproducts has the best price in Western Australia
  • Novaproducts has shorter lead times than most competitors*
  • Central Australia Stocked Warehouse with 1-2 weeks leedtime*
  • Nova has one of the widest selection of colours in Australia
  • GECA approved
  • Easy installation
  • SBR Rubber
  • Environmentally friendly

Colours studded rubber flooring
Points of interest:

  • Rubber flooring is not suitable for wet areas, it is not designed to be a slip resistant product. It is commonly installed behind bars and kitchen areas. Rubber can react to some fats and may not meet required standards.
  • Rubber flooring is designed for areas such as airports, trains, stations, public areas, showrooms and more.
  • Be Aware:
    Some products on the market can be a combination of natural and SBR rubber which results in products lifting of the ground.

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Disclaimer: *Lead time depending on colour and stock availability

NOVABOND –  Unlimited Colours, Unlimited Possibilities!

Gain Inspiration from anywhere


The endless colour options and the ability to utilize patterns and murals set Novabond apart. its as easy as selecting an RGB colour from your Screen.
Novabond is available in flat colours, metallics, patterns or architectural murals. Patterns and murals are achieve with ease, due to the Fluropolymer coating, which results in a longer lasting finish.

You are in control with Novabond

Novabond is very durable with market leading graffiti resistance so your architectural expression will be there for the long run.


Latest News March 2016

Why not ensure that people have a secure place to chain their bicycle with our new Galvanized Bike Racks. Our Bike racks are stocked in Perth, include fixings and pedestrian safety tape for only $130 each. Awesome!

Bike racks nova
Secondly, help protecting our Australian forest by choosing our absolutely beautiful bamboo handrails. They are made to measure and ready to install. This is the economical long term alternative for anyone looking for stylish handrail design with top quality coating.