Perth Stocked High quality VOTED #1 for wheelstops 

Wheelstops perth

Wheel stops are an essential part of every carpark.  Novaproducts Supply a tough recycled rubber compound wheel stop, which have marked out yellow strips to ensure that they are highly visible.   Rubber Wheel Stops are a reliable and lightweight alternative to concrete.  These rubber Wheelstops have a high luminescent contrast to Concrete parking areas for high visibility.

Brand New High Visibility wheelstop “Nova Safe Edge” TC007 


A priority for every car park should be to ensure the safety of the visitors. Over 50 people in Western Australia trip over low visibility wheelstops every year. Help to reduce this number and accidents by using the brand new high visibility wheel stop “Safe Edge” from Novaproducts. The “Safe Edge” is a great solution to protect individuals from tripping and at the same time making parking easier.

Novaproducts prides itself on supplying Perth the best grade wheel stop. We avoid the hollow from end wheel stops as this allows vermin, spiders, snakes and other dangerous pests to hide and breed. For safety reasons we strongly promote them with high viz ( Visible ) yellow safety strips chevrons. When cars do not park exactly centrally at the wheel stop they can protrude out past car and cause a trip hazard. This is actually happening constantly and causing injuries.


-5-year warranty
-Large area, highly visible
-Can be lifted and Installed by one Person
-High visible recessed into wheel stop to reduce tire removal of high viz
-Chances of manual handling & injuries are reduced
-Easy to move around the sites
-Environmentally Friendly
-Fixings supplied are deep penetrating to reduce dislodgement.
-Made from 100% recycled rubber
-Wheelstops feature a hi-vis yellow chevron pattern for improved visibility
-Lightweight feature reduces the installation time and cost
-Easy to move around building sites
-Simple to install. Only 3 fixings and no concrete is required.
-The flat base of the wheel stop forms to the carparks surface.


Weight: 15kg
Length: 1650mm
159mm (at base)
3 x 20mm dia. fixing points
Complies with AS2890.1

Wheelstop Detail


Asphalt spikes: 350mm length. Hammer into any asphalt surface to secure wheel stop
*Concrete anchors and adhesive options also available

Wheel stops Fixings


Rubber Wheel Stops shall be model No. SXT2761 supplied by Novaproducts Global having yellow chevron markings on black rubber molding and shall be fixed to the concrete floor using 3 x (screw type) screwed into 100mm long x 12 mm diameter masonry anchor or suitable chemical anchors.

safe edge wheelstops perth

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