Lighted Stair Nosing

LED Lighted Stair Nosing/Stair Treds

The Advance Interlock LED system is the result of extensive research and development. The modular electrical system combined with an insulating nosing system incorporates the safety and durability of the proven stair systems and provides an easily assembled, extremely low maintenance, maximum appearance with low energy and running costs.

CCRG Shooting Star

LED/lighted stair nosing

CCRG Shooting star

Power Supply Units

Novaproducts Global offers a range of direct current (D.C.) power supply units which are designed to transform power from the mains to a 12v or 24v system, thereby providing a safe and efficient power source to low level lighting systems. Novaproducts Global offers a wide range of power supply units including dimmable and battery backup units. Gradus Technical Services can provide a full calculation service to aid with quantity needed. Datasheets are available on request.


All electrical mains supplies and direct hard wired connections to the mains supplies must be installed by qualified electricians. Interlok Advance and Continuity LED operate on extra low voltages and therefore do not represent a safety hazard when used correctly. Always ensure that Gradus systems are connected to a Gradus power supply unit or other approved power. They must never, under any circumstance, be connected directly to the mains supply.
The systems must be isolated from the mains supply prior to any work being undertaken on them, preferably by disconnection or removal of the primary fuse. In the case of new installations, the electrical connection must be made last.


ISO 14001
The manufacturer, Gradus is an ISO 14001 environmentally accredited company with a clear focus to continually minimise waste, prevent pollution, improve operational efficiency and so reduce its impact upon the environment. This continual improvement of its environmental management is regularly audited by an accredited external assessor and the company remains committed to demonstrating its environmental responsibilities to customers, legislators, employees, shareholders and pressure groups.

ISO 9001
The manufacturer, Gradus is an ISO 9001 quality accredited company with a commitment to providing the best possible service and whose manufactured products are designed and produced to conform to the relevant BS/EN/ISO standard. Quality assurance procedures are implemented to ensure ongoing compliance with product standards and fully meet customer requirements. These procedures, and the company’s continuous improvement program, are regularly audited by an accredited external assessor.

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