Nova Step Edge

Nova Step Edge  Stair nosing / Stair Tread SPECIFICATIONS


Shape and Dimensions
Standard profiles as drawings:

Nova Step Edge Stair Tread

Nova Step Edge Tread

OT 51 Stair Tile

Other profiles can be supplied to special order.
Standard thickness:
Maximum width:
Maximum length:
Appearance: Nova Step Edge
 has a fine textured finish in four standard colours, Black, Yellow, Brown and White.



Wear and Abrasion: Under Taber Abrador test using H22 wheels operating at 1000g load under 70% suction, Stairtile gave 1.5mm maximum loss after 3000 cycles.

Frictional Resistance: Stairtile exhibits good wet and dry ratios however, wax substances or large quantities of water which produce aquaplaning reduce foot contact and this grip with the surface.

Fire:  Stairtile is combustible and self extinguishing to BS476: Part 7: 1971.

Sound:The material is resilient and this reduces impact sound.

Radius Work: Forms easily to 7meter radius.


Stairtile may be fixed to stair cases by any of the following methods:

  • Cast into concrete or related material.
  • Bonded with adhesives – most rubber based adhesives are suitable (avoid bitumen adhesives).
  • Screwing with suitable plugs.
  • On site finishing should be carried out using carbide tipped drills and high speed abrasive cutters.


The material should be washed with clean water; any harsh marks may be removed with steel wool.


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