Stair Stringers

– Stylish Design
– Architects love it
– Custom Made
– Quick Turnaround
– Custom colours available

Architects new wonder product

Every stair is different, Nova has the perfect solution.
Our Novastringer provides the answer for a neat finish to stair edges and hides all types of inconsitencies or carpets and vinyl.

This product is a durable, can be repainted, easy to remove, will not rust, distort, no odour, no sharp edges, extermly impact resistant, water proff and chemical resistant.

This product is made of a special base 4mm material making it light and easy.

Nova Stringer can be installed by any person with basic carpentry skills. The tools required are: Knif, mitre saw, caulking gun, clean up tools, tape measure pencil and other basic tools. No drilling or harsh chemical. Nova supplies the full kit of Adhesive, temp fixing etc, instructions.

As a standard the produt keeps a 90*degree and 86.%* angles.