Speeding up construction

We always have a solution

Speeding up construction

We always have a solution

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About Us

Novaproducts Global had its origins in Sydney and Perth in 1970.
We have been manufacturing in Australia since 1973, and the offshoots of this business are still in the same family producing a wide variety of products in several buildings around Australia.
Nova works in Construction Subcontracting, Plastics, Woodcraft, Metalwork, Second fixings, Glazing, and Roof canopies.
We utilise imported products, local workshops, and local suppliers and are a highly vertically integrated company.
We have worked in remote places like Halls Creek, Alice Springs, Many mine sites, Barrow Island, Varanus Island, Fiji, the UK, and all Australian capital cities.


We typically work on construction sites with high paperwork and compliance requirements designing, supplying, and installing second fixings such as products from Australian Standard 1428.1, carp park products, and healthcare wall fixings.

We have Worked in WA local places such as Optus Stadium, NextDC, Midland Health Hospital, etc.

Our customers say

We work with the giants such as  John Holland, Built, Multiplex, CPD and Probuild.

“Nova is good to have on-site.” Multiplex

“If every contractor were like Nova, we would have finished three months earlier.” JHG

“Nova is very adept in Paperwork.” Multiplex

“Nova is like having a free site supervisor.” John Holland

“Enjoyed working with Novaproducts and will use then again”  Probuild

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