What is Raised Access Floor System?

Raised Access Floor System provides a versatile floor structure and the freedom for clients to embrace technological advances. Having access floors installed also allows easy conversion and rearranging of office layouts.

Novaproducts Global has over 15 years of experience in the supply and install of raised access floors and is committed to providing a high-quality range of product without the premium price.

control system

Control System

Control Room System by Novaproducts is VOTED#1 for quality and Service!!!

The ideal way for access floors to be designed is in consultation with Novaproducts in the design stage.

What we can do:

– Save redesign time

– Save money in the efficient use of tiles.

– Has specification written to cause other trades to provide installation-friendly base floor and walls

– Help specify standard interchangeable parts.

– Choose the right system to suit the environment and use.

– Install knowing architects requirements


Raised Access Floor Panel with HPL Finish is ideal for areas such as:

– Data centres
– Computer rooms
– IT rooms
– Control rooms
– Laboratories
– Telecommunication areas
– Power switch rooms

Code: KT711 GT2111

office control

Office System

Raised Access Floor Panel with HPLF Finish is Ideal for areas such as:

This system uses a gravity held panel in a stringer system or corner lock system where the panel is screwed to a pedestal with no stringers. The corner lock system is quicker, cheaper and lighter. The Office System by Novaproducts is designed to take modular carpet tiles.

– Call Centres
– Foyers
– Boardrooms
– Telecommunication Areas
– Educational Facilities
– General Offices


Code: KT712 GT2111



Items available:

– Perforated Panel
– Perforated Panel with air diffuser
– Air Grille
– Round Outlet Box/ Grommets
– Double Cup Panel Lifter
– Corner Lock System
– Stringer System