acoustic ceilings

Superior Acoustic Ceilings – 30 years of experience in Australia

Are you looking for a superior acoustic ceiling with excellent sound absorption? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We at Novaproducts have been working in the Acoustic Ceiling market for over 30 years, meaning we know what we’re doing. Our best selling designer ceilings Ripplesound and Rippletone are known for their superior acoustic performance. Both products are built on the founding principle of a laser-guided focus on sound absorption. Specified and installed on hundreds of projects around Australia, these two products are favourites amongst Architects and engineers.

Ripplesound and RippleTone can be used to form full ceilings, floating or feature various panels for ceilings, walls and other features with minimal weight loadings.

acoustic ceilings
  • Ideal for Aquatic Centres

  • Made from Corrugated perforated aluminium

  • Superior Acoustic Rating (NRC from 0.70)

  • Polythene Vapour Barrier Controls Condensation

  • Lightweight

  • Green Product

  • Easy to install with Renhurst FasTrack® Suspension System

  • Ideal for Office areas

  • Superior Acoustic Rating (NRC from 0.80)

  • Stunning Design

  • Astonishingly lightweight with Longitudinal Flexibility

  • An excellent option for walls as well as ceilings.

  • Green product

  • Easy to install with Renhurst FasTrack® Suspension System

ripplesound acoustic ceilings perth
backside acoustic ceilings rippletone
Made in Australia

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