Novaproducts supply quality Adhesive for flooring installation.  Please see below the Adhesives available.


WK 222 (6kg) Solvent Free – Neoprene Adhesive
Powerful contact adhesive with short open time and immediate load bearing. Handling technical options and applications largely correspond to a solvent-based neoprene adhesive. Interior use only.
Suitable for: Profiles, rods, skirting and common types of floor coverings on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.
Price: $221

LE 44 (14kg) Universal – Linoleum Adhesive
Fast, water-based adhesive for linoleum in rolls. Wet adhesive for short drying time, extremely high shear strength and high level of final strength. Interior use and for bonding on well-absorbent substrates.
Suitable for: Surface-treated linoleum and untreated linoleum.
Price: $97

KE 2000 S (6/14kg) Multi Purpose Adhesive – WA Favourite
High Adhesive strength for resilient interior floor coverings.
Suitable for: Homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet and tile PVC, sheet rubber up to 3.5mm thick, textile coverings with latex, PVC or PU foam backings, dense, non-absorbent substrates.
Price 6kg: $97
Price 14kg: $185.5

KE 66 (14kg) Premium Rubber & Vinyl Adhesive
Resin free wet-bed dispersion adhesive for PVC and rubber flooring’s on absorbent surfaces. Very low open time, easy application and excellent suction. Interior use.
Suitable for: PVC/CV flooring in sheets or tiles, sheet and tile rubber flooring up to 4mm, heavy wear use in domestic, commercial and industrial locations.
Price 14kg: $185.5

KR 421 (5kg) 2 Component Epoxy Resin Adhesive
Generally suitable for interior and exterior use with resilient floor coverings.
Suitable for: Sheet and tile flooring (subject to moisture attack or temperature extremes), homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC and cushioned vinyl flooring, rubber flooring and synthetic grass, outdoor and sports flooring.
Price: $156.5

KR 430 (6kg) Flexible Polyurethane Adhesive
Generally suitable for rubber floor coverings, linoleum and sports flooring.
Suitable for: Dry substrates, e.g. On cement and calcium sulphate screeds, mastic asphalt, concrete, wood, chipboard, ceramics, stone, metal. Rubber floor tiles up to 10mm thick and linoleum sheet and tile up to 4mm thick.
Price 6kg: $110.5

KE15 (14kg) Universal – Resilient & Carpet Adhesive
Very low emission dispersion adhesive for bonding light to medium qualities of the common textile and PVC floor coverings in interior locations.
Suitable for: Soft textile coverings with common backing construction, homogeneous and heterogeneous PV and cushioned vinyl sheet and tile flooring (not for PVC Design flooring), sheet linoleum up to 2.0mm thickness in domestic locations.
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