Skateboarding can be fun and full of excitement, but when skateboarders frequent your paths, they typically contribute to certain damages on those paths. To checkmate the damages caused by skateboarders, it is advisable to install skateboard deterrents (anti-skate profiles) by Novaproducts.

Novaproducts Anti-Skate profiles are well designed to offer the best solution to your landscape needs. They are perfectly designed for swift installation in all kinds of environments, including commercial buildings, external public places, streetscapes, and every other place you wish to restrict skateboarding activities.

The moment you install our Anti-Skate profiles, skateboarders would have no other option but to stay away from your paths, and that mitigates the damages caused by skateboarders on pathways.

Why You Should Install Anti-Skate Profiles

Unregulated skateboarding activities have led to the damage of some valuable community assets. This raises concerns about the need to checkmate skateboarding activities. The damages often leave unsightly exposed edges of damaged street structures, which calls for serious attention. Anti-skate profiles can help to prevent these damages caused by skateboarders; it does so by restricting them from driving skateboards in areas where the profiles are installed.

Novaproducts Anti-Skate profiles are possibly the highest quality skateboard deterrents. While other manufacturers use bristle castings, our anti-skate profiles are structured from robust marine-grade stainless steel and available in unique designs.

Novaproducts Anti-Skate Stainless Steel Discs Novaproduct anti-skate discs are rigidly designed to keep off skateboarders. Interestingly, they are affordable and easy to install on road edges, curbs, and other places you wish to install them.

Novaproduct Anti-skate discs offer unmatched protection from public
the vandalism caused by skaters.

Novaproduct Anti-Skate stainless steel discs are weather-resistant rounded profiles that make them safe and discrete with minimal impact. We manufacture the discs from marine-grade stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and toughness. They can also keep off bikers and scooters from your pathways. This is especially for private property owners who do not want their masonry dented by unregulated fun activities, such as skating and biking.

Anti-skate discs by Novaproduct can also be installed on walls, benches, planter boxes, and many other surfaces. Most private property owners trust our anti-skate disc because of its rigidity and reliability. We have a small profile design and a large profile design to meet your needs. These anti-skate discs would protect your property from skateboarders’ vandalism without adversely affecting the appearance of the protected surface or area. The wide versatility of Novaproducts anti-skate stainless steel discs is second to none; also, they are designed with concealed fixings for secure and swift installation. Our discs are being used in different regions and states across the globe, and they offer selfsame protection – they are weather-resistant, too.

Featuring a low profile design, custom-ly designed to suit the desired height and width for the area of concern, Novaproducts Anti-Skate Stainless Steel Custom is just 5 – 6 mm thick. There are different designs available to fit the place you want to install the deterrents; designs for wall installations, bench installation, etc.

When it comes to eliminating skateboard damage, Novaproduct Anti-Skate is your best option.

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