Nova Bed Stops

Novaproducts supplies effective solutions to prevent wall damage. Our bedstops are located so that beds and equipment wheels hit the bedstop before hitting and damaging the wall.  Large colour range and various sizes are available.

Bethesda Bed Stop (SP0234)

  • 50 Colours available
  • High Impact material
  • Recycled Wood Core
  • Custom Sizes available
  • Reference: SP0234


Bed Stops Real

Damage Protection Systems

  • High impact material
  • Custom sizes available

Pro Bed Stop

1300 Series Wall Guard – Bed Stop (SP0350)

103mm height
2mm vinyl cover
2mm continuous aluminum retainer
Wide colour range

Reference: SP0350

install instructions

Bed stops perth

2500 Chair Rail – Bed Stop (SP0349)

Height: 51mm
Vinyl cover: 1.8mm
1.5mm continuous aluminum retainer
Wide colour range

Reference: SP0349

install instructions

6000 Bed Locator – Bed Stop

3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 53″
.080″ cover
.080″ retainer
Wide colour range
install instructions

6000 bed locator