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Car Park Safety Supply and Installation

Novaproducts is your one-stop solution for all your car park safety needs.
We specialise in providing top-quality products that enhance safety, efficiency, and organisation in commercial parking areas. With our extensive range of car park safety products, including stainless steel bollards, round bollards, removable bollards, convex mirrors, rubber wheel stops, concrete wheel stops, compliance wheel stops, line marking solutions, swing gates, crash barriers, height bars, speed humps, commercial car park barriers, and more, we ensure that your parking facilities meet the highest standards of safety and functionality.

Stainless Steel Rounds and Removable Bollards:

Our stainless steel rounds and removable bollards offer excellent protection and control in parking areas. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these bollards are durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. They are designed to provide a secure barrier and prevent unauthorised vehicle access, protecting pedestrians and property. With their removable feature, you have the flexibility to control access when needed, making them ideal for both temporary and permanent installations.

Convex Mirrors:

Enhancing visibility and reducing blind spots is crucial in car parks to prevent accidents and ensure safe maneuvering. Our convex mirrors provide an effective solution for improving visibility around corners, ramps, and intersections. Manufactured with high-quality materials, these mirrors are highly durable and provide a clear, distortion-free reflection. Easy to install and maintain, they are an essential addition to any parking facility, enhancing safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Rubber Wheel Stops:

Preventing vehicle overruns and ensuring proper parking alignment is essential for maintaining a safe and organised parking area. Our rubber wheel stops are designed to serve this purpose effectively. Constructed from premium rubber, these wheel stops are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. They are easy to install and offer excellent visibility with their reflective strips. Available in various sizes and colours, our rubber wheel stops provide a reliable solution for enhancing safety in parking facilities.

Concrete Wheel Stops and Compliance Wheel Stops:

For heavier applications and areas with high traffic volumes, our concrete wheel stops and compliance wheel stops are the ideal choices. Manufactured from reinforced concrete, these wheel stops are built to withstand heavy impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance. They comply with local regulations and are designed to meet strict safety standards. With their highly visible yellow and black striping, these wheel stops provide clear guidance for drivers, preventing damage to property and improving safety.

Line Marking:

Clear and well-defined line markings are essential for organising parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, and traffic flow in car parks. Our line marking solutions offer durable and long-lasting results. Using high-quality paints and stencils, our experienced team ensures precise and professional line markings, including parking bay lines, disabled parking symbols, directional arrows, and pedestrian crossings. Our line marking services enhance safety and efficiency, maximising the use of available parking space.

Swing Gates and Height Bars:

Controlling access to restricted areas within parking facilities is made easy with our swing gates and height bars. These products provide a physical barrier, allowing only authorised vehicles to enter. Our swing gates are constructed from robust materials, ensuring durability and security. Height bars help prevent oversized vehicles from entering restricted areas, protecting overhead structures. Both options are customisable to suit your specific requirements and can be integrated with access control systems for enhanced security.

Speed Humps:

Maintaining appropriate vehicle speeds within parking areas is crucial for safety. Our Speed Humps are designed to encourage drivers to slow down, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing pedestrian safety. Manufactured from durable materials, these Humps are highly visible and resistant to wear and tear. They can be easily installed in parking lots, and commercial complexes, providing a reliable traffic-calming solution.

At Novaproducts, we are committed to providing superior car park safety products that meet your specific needs. With our extensive range of high-quality products.

Ensuring car park safety with Novaproducts

In urban spaces, the role of car park safety products is indispensable and demands our earnest attention. These materials form the cornerstone of a secure environment, where vehicular and pedestrian activities harmonise seamlessly. With car park safety materials, you ensure:

  • Visibility enhancement — Convex mirrors, an essential component, eliminate blind spots, fostering heightened awareness and reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Impact resistance — Robust rubber wheel stops serve as a resilient barrier, curbing vehicular movement and averting potential hazards.
  • Structural safeguards — Stainless steel bollards, standing as stalwart guardians, protect structures and pedestrians from accidental impact.

Investing in such safety measures is not just a regulatory requirement, but it’s also the best way to protect lives and assets. At Novaproducts, our commitment to excellence shines through our range of safety materials, ensuring your car park is a secure place to park. Elevate your safety standards — choose Novaproducts for a safer tomorrow.


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A similar product, although wheel stops from Bunnings are mostly more expensive. Also, we have installation knowledge to be compliant with Australian Standards.

No, wheel stops can vary in size, shape, and material. The type of wheel stop needed will depend on the specific application and the type of vehicle that will be parked. For example, a smaller wheel stop may be suitable for a motorcycle or scooter, while a larger and more durable wheel stop may be required for heavy trucks and buses. Additionally, wheel stops can be made of materials such as concrete, rubber, plastic, or metal, with each material offering different benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to choose the right wheel stop for your needs to ensure proper parking and safety. Generally, the weight of a wheel stop indicates its strength. Some retailers have 12 to 15 kg wheel stops, but the commercial medium rubber wheel stop will be about 17kg.

The Australian Standard for wheel stops and wheel chocks is AS 2890.1:2004. This standard outlines the specifications for the design, materials, installation, and maintenance of wheel stops and wheel chocks in parking areas, driveways, loading zones, and other areas where vehicles need to be parked or secured.

According to the standard, wheel stops must be made of durable and impact-resistant materials, such as concrete, rubber, or steel. They must be securely anchored to the ground and positioned to prevent vehicles from overhanging or obstructing pedestrian pathways or other areas.

By adhering to the Australian Standard for wheel stops and wheel chocks, facility managers can ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and visitors, while also protecting their property from damage caused by vehicles.