Superb Damp Resistance With Excellent Stabilisation


Insulating, Stabilising and waterproofing fibreglass underlay with elastomeric synthetic resins treated on both sides with a vast series of stems in expanded resin on the underside.

Overlay can be dry-installed, the underlay forms a continuous foundation with a superb resistance to damp. Everlay is suitable for various floorings installed with polyurethane resin-based adhesives.

Overlay T ensures:

Superb resistance to damp
Proficient thermal insulation
Excellent stabilisation
Soundproofing and noise reduction


Reduces laying time, avoiding the delays caused by screed maturing time. The use of Everlay underlays installed without adhesive onto suitably prepared surfaces will provide a continuous base with excellent resistance to damp, onto which the new flooring can be installed.

Installation instructions

  • Step 1
  • Unroll Everlay onto the subfloor, placing the rolls next to each other.
    Step 2
    Spread the recommended adhesive onto the surface of Everlay.
    Step 3
    Glue on the top layer of flooring.

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