Ceilings Supply and Installation

Novaproducts Global offers quality ceiling options for commercial and industrial buildings where noise control or ventilation is of concern. As part of our range, we have custom ceilings that can be perforated to create artistic ceiling designs or for ventilation and noise control. Novaproducts also offers the Renhurst ceiling product. The founding principle of the Renhurst Ceiling Range was to focus on sound absorption, however, many designers worldwide are using Renhurst metal ceilings for their superior performance acoustic properties as well as the dramatic architectural curves. Ripplesound and Rippletone ceilings make up the Renhurst acoustic ceiling range. They can be used to form full ceilings, floating or feature panels for ceilings, infills, walls and decorative features with minimal weight loadings. Renhurst ceiling systems are installed using the FastTrack support system which can be suspended or fixed directly to the roof purlins.

Australian Standards

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