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Novaproducts was founded in 1973 from humble beginnings.

Before it was even recognised as a market sector, we began working with the construction industry providing second fixing solutions.

At Novaproducts we create strong strategic partnerships with architects, contractors and builders. Having developed an industry reputation as a respected partner in delivering innovative, affordable, high quality and environmentally sustainable solutions, we’re clear on what to focus on (And what not to).

Our relationships are not just limited to individual projects. We prefer to invest long-term in our relationships, putting our client’s needs at the forefront of key decisions and strategies.

Novaproducts has been in the industry for over 20 years and has established a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. Our offices and distribution centres are across Australia and we have proudly completed various projects in different sectors.

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What our clients Say

“Nova is good to have on-site.”


“We enjoyed working with the Novaproducts team. It was a smooth partnership.”

Ritz Carlton, Probuild

“Nova is like having a free site supervisor.”

John Holland

“Nova has helped us when in need of misc works which has been a lifesaver. Appreciate your work on this project. Will definitely see you soon.”

Project Coordinator on One Subiaco Project, Multiplex

“If every contractor were like Nova, we would have finished three months earlier.”

“Enjoyed working with Novaproducts and will use them again”

“Aaron from Novaproducts is a superstar. Keep up the attitude and we will see you in the near future”.

Senior Site Supervisor on One Subiaco Project, Multiplex

“Nova is very adept in Paperwork.”