Crash Barriers

Vehicle Crash Barriers

Novaproducts offers a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle crash barriers. These high-quality car park/truck barriers are BCA-compliant. We have previously installed safety barriers on many major projects across Australia. Contact us today for more information on our professional installation service.


We offer a wide range of vehicle crash barriers designed to prioritise safety and protect lives. Whether you need to secure a car park, control traffic flow, or safeguard pedestrians, our comprehensive selection has you covered.

Novadeck Safety Barrier

Crash Rails

Vehicle Crash Barrier








– Used for severe impacts
– Easy to install
– 100mm x 175mm footprint.

Novacolumn Car park Barrier



Column Barrier for Vehicles

Safety Vehicle Crash Barriers











It is available in full or semi-circle units with single, double or triple hoop rail systems, protecting from low-speed impacts.

The Novacolumn barriers are supported by spring steel posts ensuring that damage to the barrier, structure and impacting vehicle is minimised. Posts can be turned inward to prevent a trip hazard or damage to tyres. Each supporting position only requires one holding-down bolt. Novacolumn Road/car park Barrier is also suitable for exposed pipework and lighting columns located in trafficable areas.

Novacolumn Specifications

Finish: Hot dip galvanised to AS 4680
Post height: 610mm
Internal diameters: 750mm and 1000mm
Anchor bolts: 1 per post
Anchor bolt size: Dependent upon application.


Impact Rail End – Round Finish Barrier


Vehicle Crash Barrier

Round Finish Barrier








– For light impacts
– 18 Kilos
– Hot dip galvanised finish

Mesh back Barrier

Meshback Barrier

Mesh back Safety Barriers reduce the risk of damage to the barrier, vehicle and structure. Available with anti-climb mesh infill and/or handrail extensions for added pedestrian safety.


Novasentinel Crash Barrier

Novasentinel-Crash Barrier

Novasentinel Barrier is a high-strength semi-rigid system designed to spring under light ‘nudge’ impacts but predictably yields under severe impacts, preventing damage to the car park structure. Novasentinel is tested and designed to exceed the 240kN force prescribed under AS/NZS 1170.1. This is achieved with only two anchors per post.
– Lightweight modules
– 200mm x 300mm footprint
– Made & engineered in Australia


Guard Fence Internal Connector

Stubby Nose End Terminal Crash Barriers Galvanised for high strength and powder-coated in yellow.

Guard Fence Internal Connector

Reference: TC0525BG

Benefits of Having Safety Barriers for Your Project

Using vehicle crash barriers offers numerous benefits that significantly contribute to enhancing safety and mitigating the risks associated with vehicular accidents. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Safety Enhancement: Vehicle crash barriers act as a protective shield, preventing vehicles from colliding with pedestrians, structures, or other vehicles. They create a physical barrier that helps to redirect, slow down, or stop errant vehicles, minimising the impact force and reducing the severity of accidents.
  2. Injury Prevention: By absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy upon impact, crash barriers effectively reduce the risk of severe injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. These barriers are designed to minimise the potential for vehicle penetration or rollovers, keeping occupants and bystanders safe.
  3. Traffic Control and Management: Crash barriers help regulate and directing the flow of traffic, particularly in high-volume areas or construction zones. By delineating lanes, guiding vehicles along specific paths, or creating effective road dividers, barriers enhance traffic organisation, reduce congestion, and improve overall roadway safety.



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