Downpipe Protectors


Custom Made Downpipe Protectors – Manufactured in Perth


Custom steel service pipe guards Protectors for down pipes, rendered walls, windows , buildings, hydraulic systems, water pipes , pvc pipes,  fire pipe systems. carpark – crash restraints , bump, scrape zones. These products are used at airports, car parking stations, back of house delivery areas, hotels, hospitals. The economical method is always our aim when it comes to custom steel protectors. Our engineers who use the latest software on the market for their drawings create excellent designs with structural integrity.
All in one Package
If required we provide full service of designing, manufacturing and installation of your steel protections. We estimate the possible impact and engineer a custom protector to suit the requirement.

Why use steel service pipe guards?

This type of protection is NON Sacrificial. This is where the estimated impact is calculated not to remove or damage the protector or at least not damage the product it is protecting such as pipes.
Thinner stainless steel or plastic options can be seen in our “SURFACE PROTECTION “ section. Steel is an inexpensive possibly themost economical downpipe protecting method. It allows for pipes to be mounted external to columns instead of cast into columns. Should they be damaged we are able to remove and reinstall the same product very economical.


Care should be taken to specify fixings that suit the positions and density, also taking into account the strength required. The fixing should be considered as to how they bend or react to various impacts and difficulty in removal. Fixings should be considered for length adjustment and should the reinforcing be hit during drilling then full depth of fixing is not achievable. Therefore requiring onsite adjustment which will be costed as an extra if not prearranged. Coatingof the downpipe protector should be considered, painting a colour helps define the product position but increases maintenance in repainting.
It can be best to use PGI galvanized sheet in 1.5 – 3 mm thick which is possibly the toughest coating. A high viz (Vision) glow in the dark strip or several stripes can be easily applied at least likely positions of scrapes and bumps and can easily be removed and reapplied if damaged. If in areas of walking a safe edge will need to be considered as over against a guillotine edge . Consider sheet available before specifying sizes as bad sizing can create a lot of waste or possible sheets being required to come from another state. This information is the same for Steel corner guards , steel column wraps.
It is important to try and make one size fit all situations as there is many costs per design. Sometimes it is better to create a split protector so as it can be adjusted to suit each position.
You will need to consider a gap between protector and such items as Pipes and fire system needing protection. We suggest a 80 mm gap is minimum.