Novatred 2000 Series

Novatred 2000 Series


Novatred 2000 series is easy to install and the heavy-duty matting system has been specially designed to provide a solution for dirt and moisture in entrances with high traffic. This mat is very versatile, and it has several commercial and industrial applications. You can use it to protect your flooring while also maintaining the quality architectural image of the building.

We provide fast delivery time possibly best in Australia. Airfreight available and local installation of matting of any brand.

100% regenerated polyamide BCF


– Premium Insert
– Suitable for heavy-duty traffic
– Made in Australia
– Saves up to 65% in cleaning costs
– Reduced dust levels
– Reduced noise levels by 32 DB
– Stylish appearance
– Can be rolled up for easy transport
– 12 Year Warranty


Reference: MA0008NG.

Novatred 2000 Series
NT 2000 Series Matting
Novatred 2000 Series Insert
Module size: 60mm

Comes with Standard insert Onyx (Black colour).

**Please check with Novaproducts staff for other colours.

Nominal thickness: 12 mm
Pile height: 8.7 m
Pile mass: 820g/ m2

Australian standards:

Autralian Made