Novatred Commercial Entrance Matting, Novatred 800



Novatred 800 is easy to install and the heavy-duty matting system has been specially designed to provide a solution for dirt and moisture in entrances with high traffic. This mat is very versatile, and it has several commercial and industrial applications. You can use it to protect your flooring while also maintaining the quality architectural image of the building.



– Economical Single Sided Mat
– Six Colours Available
– Exceptional water drainage
– Built to have a long design life
– Made in Australia
– 12 year warranty

Reference: MA0011NO

Colour Range:

NOVATRED entry matting retainer comes 5 (five) metres long.


This means we can make sections up to 5 metres wide (LEFT TO RIGHT) and unlimited length (FRONT TO BACK).

However, with safety and cleaning in mind It is good to take into account that entry matting is lifted up normally by 1 cleaner and cleaned under neath.
therefore with an approxinmate weight of 10kg /m2 you might wish to design matting accordingly.


We have completed mats 5 (five) metres wide by 6 (six) metres in walking direction.
the mat can be rolled up to clean and does not have to be lifted. It is all about matting design, safety and cleaning.

Please contact us with your zone in which you need clean off to be working to the best performance and we will support your specified outline.

Ultimatly clean off dirt removal mats are best designed with good length in walking  direction.

We think 5 metres in the walking direction exausts walked in dirt as long as the aluminium matting /grille matting is in dry enviroment.


We suggest that for every 10,000 passes on a large area of matting,  in cbd commercial office  type enviroment, the mats should get a thourough  water blast or water scrubber clean.


NOTE:  all sizes are specified as Left to Right then Front to Back (Walking Direction).

Australian standards: