Height Bars

– 5 Standard lengths available (Custom made also available)

– Height bars are yellow powder-coated with a reflective face.

Reference: TR525


By using Novaproducts Height Restrictor Bars we can help you avoid damage caused to your property and vehicles by oversized vehicles getting into height-restricted areas. The Height restrictor bars come in five different standardised lengths: 2,3,4,5 or 6 meters. They are powder coated in a safety yellow colour and supplied with reflective diagonal stripes. The text “low-clearance” is displayed in black font on a bright white background. The height label is adjusted to each project.

Height bars are ideal at locations where vehicles first enter an undercover area or experience an obstruction overhead where the minimum clearance is 3 metres or less. (Cars or light vans are the most common users of this facility)

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