How to choose your next entry mat – A simple guide

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In Australia, entrance matting should be selected based on weather conditions. Particularly in WA, NT, NSW and QLD. An example would be in WA and Victoria where the UV rating is very high much of the year. Using European matting products which are not designed for UV may deteriorate fast. Matting in SA, Tasmania and New Zealand does not require the same demand of fade however, they need a lot more moisture removal matting.

The most common mistake

The most common specification mistake is a small amount of entry matting in the walking direction and a large amount in the width. The width of the entry mat rarely gets walked on, which leads to this being a waste of budget for most commercial entry mats. One rule of thumb method is ensuring 5 steps in the walking direction at a normal 600 mm step distance. Sometimes this is not practical, but with more than 30 years in the business, we can help you here. However, our modular system, pedestrian matting will use all the width of matting if designed right and is specially created for this purpose. Click here for More info on our entry mats.

With Novaproducts consultancy service we are able to visit your office/view your drawings to ensure that the entry mats you specify are not going to be ineffective or a waste of budget.

Fulfil your duty as a specifier

It is now an Australian duty of care to provide matting to remove slippery and hazardous material at commercial entry’s. In order to fulfil your duty of care as a specifier, a reasonable amount of entry matting should be used to allow sufficient dirt and moisture removal for normal walking patterns and traffic expected in the worst weather.
Maintenance schedules and programs should be considered, if an entry mat is used that requires cleaning daily. If the building program is weekly then it is likely the matting will stop reducing the dirt walked in by the second day and you only have a 20% functional mat.
An entry mat that is specified for outdoors with fibrous texture when exposed to rain, maybe worse than having to entry mat at all.

How to choose your next entry mat – A simple guide

Our Solution

Send your drawings to us by email and we will ask you a few questions and then present you with our suggestions.

We will create the most economical matting design suited to your project.

Some questions are:

1. How many people pass per day on average in winter?
2. What percentage of foot dirt do you want to be removed at the dirt barrier zone? (*80% should be a minimum aim)
3. What type of footwear will be most common for moisture removal matting?
4. Will you be using self-opening doors, rotary doors, and manual doors?
5. Will the entry before the mat be covered?
6. What finish eg Brick paving?
7. Will it be expected that umbrella shaking will happen near the entrance matting?
8. Will matting be exposed to UV through glass or outside?
9. What is the longest distance you can design matting in the walking direction?
10. What will be the cleaning cycle of mat wells?
11. How will they clean the door matting?
12. What life would they like to see Novatred mats last?
13. What colours are you wanting the door mats to be?
14. Is there likely a sudden rush of water possible from a storm or cleaning that you need to drain the matting?
15. Is OH&S with lifting matting an issue?
16. Is theft an issue?
17. Is removal of mats and being used as a weapon an issue (Detention facility)?
18. Is the budget reasonable or very tight? Matting varies from (Cheap $90/m2 – awesome aesthetics @$1200/m2)
19. Is there likely to be any cutouts from sliding door guides, or flooring or bollards?
20. Will mats be shaped as rectangles?
21. Is there Stormwater nearby to door mats?
22. Is there an allowance of 25mm for matwell frames?
23. Do you need green certification/environmentally friendly?
24. Do you need fire certification?
25. Do you need slip resistance certification?

– Economical
– UV stabilised
– Complies with all BCA requirements
– Long Design life
– Made in Australia
– 8-year warranty

How to choose your next entry mat – A simple guide

Contact us Today

Please understand that the more requirements you specify the better we can suggest the product. If you don’t have time to answer all these questions. Contact a consultant today and we will be happy to assist you. Get a quote!

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How to choose your next entry mat – A simple guide