Would you like to spruce up your house, office, school or store? Want to add a bit of subtle vibrancy and colour to the room? Then you should be looking at getting some stair nosing. Better still get yourself our amazing lighted stair nosing, “THE SHOOTING STAR”, for that extra effect. If the staircase is one of the first places that comes into view when someone walks into the room, then leave an amazing first impression with the beauty and elegance of the shooting star. Apart from the aesthetic effect, the shooting star is an economical product, and it provides your stairs with some much-needed added safety and stability. If you would like to make this exceptional addition to your stairs, then you have come to the right place, at Novaproducts global.


The shooting star is more than just an ordinary accessory for your staircases. It’s an Australian-made add-on that makes your stairs even safer to walk on while providing your surroundings with a spark of colour and beauty. You can make your homes, workplaces, or auditoriums safer and more fashionable with higher quality and make a statement on the quality of the stairs on your office stairs, entry stairs, or your current design project.


There are six colours of lights available for you to use on your lighted stair nosing and fifty options for your insert designs. The LED bulbs used for the shooting star have a long lifespan. There are changing colours available as well, and the lights are very vibrant and brilliant. If you however would prefer the light to not be as bright, they can be dimmed to your satisfaction. The intensity of the light can be corrected so it perfectly fits, whether you would use it inside or outside of the building. Dimming the lights is perfect for mood control.


The shooting star can be fitted on almost any type of surface that you need it on. It is perfect for you to use on surfaces like carpet, vinyl, concrete, and wood surfaces. It is water-resistant when used in an internal environment, however, it should not be used in pools or wet areas. The lights can be fitted to point up, down, rear, or forward and it needs to be connected to a power outlet no more than 5metres away. The lights are very safe, and you do not have to worry about electrocution. The lights can be easily installed by carpenters and contractors, and they can be fitted to suit almost any radius. We design, supply, and install our products worldwide.


The safety of the shooting star can’t be compromised if the basic instructions are heeded. There is no risk of you getting electrocuted by the lights, and the stair nosing adds safety and security to the stairs rather than creating an extra danger. All parts of the shooting star are replaceable in the Australian stock, and we have a replaceable insert as well, with an adjustable stair nosing light bud pitch frequency.


The shooting star is highly economical, and the Novaproducts light is one of the cheapest lighted stair nosing available. The products are also custom made so you can be sure of the quality and the value of your product.

We have witnessed changes to the Australian standards for stairs for disabled access, and it has taken quite a long time, but the product is finally available. We highly recommend you swoop in and acquire the light that catches your attention. We offer extremely affordable and safe products, so what are you still waiting for? Give us a call now to discuss your design and watch us bring it to reality for you.

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