Nova Interlocking Floor Mats

Novaproducts interlocking drainage matting is an excellent option for showers, bath, hydrotheraphy, dog cleaning areas, offices, recreation centres and swimming pools. Novaproducts has a wide range of floor mats that are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The interlocking matting can be used with other types of matting to create stylish coloured zones, it can also be used as solid surface areas of matting and drainage. The interlocking matting system can be used for decorative purposes such as displays at functions, shows and stands, it is very easy to assemble and reassemble.

Disclaimer: All matting must be tightly fitted to walls and furniture to stop it from moving. If the matting is not properly fitted, it will move when walked on and can cause a person to fall. The interlocked matting should be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner and it is important to ensure all soaps are washed off as a build up residue causes a slippery surface.


– Ideal for Pool and wet areas
– Made from 100% Polyurethane material which makes the mat gentle and durable

Size: 250x250x13mm
Material: PP
Weight: 240g (±10g)
$50/SQM (8 weeks lead time)
$80/SQM (2 weeks lead time)

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– Ideal for Sports applications
– Multilayer structure makes the mat flexible
– The advanced surface texture design improves friction on court

Size: 305x305x10mm
Weight: 365g(±10g)

$50/SQM (8 weeks lead time)
$74/SQM (2 weeks lead time)

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– Ideal for gyms and high traffic areas.
– East to clean and install.

Size: 250x250x13mm
Weight: 280g(±10g)

$50/SQM (8weeks lead time)
$85/SQM (2 weeks lead time)

Interlocking Floor mats

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– Ideal for playground areas.
– Hardness and colour can be customised to suit your requirements.

Size: 205x305x15mm
Weight: 300g(±10g)

$70/SQM (8 weeks lead time)
$98/SQM (2 weeks lead time)

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– Ideal for Outdoor playgrounds, sports areas, exercise parks and pool areas.
– Excellent slip resistance and water resistance.
– Stylish design and protective functions.

Size: 250x250x13mm
Weight: 160g(±10g)

$45/SQM (8 weeks lead time)
$62/SQM (2 weeks lead time)


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