Kratzfest is UV resistant and can be applied over all substrates including existing paints and coatings to protect from UV damage.
  • All Kratzfest coatings are anti-graffiti not just the anti-graffiti coat which is formulated with more slip agent particularly for signs.  The coating is non-sacrificial so can be cleaned on multiple occasions.
  • Kratzfest coatings are a mixture of organic polymers and inorganic particles which is what gives the coatings their strength and durability.  Lumiflon is purely a polymer.
  • Kratzfest is new nano-technology with the benefits that flow from that – it’s a  very fine coating like a thin layer of glass.  Kratzfest coatings are harder than granite.
  • Most Kratzfest coatings are one pot, single coat with no catalyst.
  • Kratzfest products are low VOCs – less than 100gm per Litre.  Kratzfest, while using solvents, aims to be as green as possible – not only to comply with the laws of California but because it believes the philosophy.
  • Kratzfest products are very fast to apply.  One person can lay down 100 sqm or more in an hour.  The products are misted onto the surface.



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