Brass Tactile Studs - Tactile Ground Surface Indicators.

Why is LRV important to Tactiles?

Luminance Reflectance Value or LRV is the measurement of the amount of light reflected from a surface in contrast with the tactile indicators.

The importance of LRV is to ensure the Warning Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) have sufficient luminance contrast with their surrounding surface.

TGSI is part of the Australian Standards and the minimum luminance reflectance contrast must accomplish 30% on Integrated Tiles, 45% on Discreet TGSI, and 60% on the Composite Discreet TGSI.

Novaproducts Global is proud to offer our very own LRV Contrast Reader to support your choice in Tactiles according to your type of substrate. Read more.

Our app is NOT limited to Tactiles, you can use it for Stair Nosings and other products too. Take a peek at our LRV Contrast App for a guide for your project!

This app is designed to guide users understand how luminescent contrast values work. This app does not guarantee accuracy. Therefore, by using this app you agree that you use them at your own risk and we will not take any responsibility for the results produced by this app’s calculations.

And if you have already the value of your product, you can use our Free LRV Check Calculator Sheet.

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Get the closest estimate of the difference in contrast between two surfaces.

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