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The Novatred Commercial Entry Matting system has been specifically designed and engineered to provide a solution for dirt and water control in high traffic entrances whilst maintaining the quality Architectural Image. They are easy to install, versatile roll-up mat, either recessed or surface mounted, has many commercial and industrial applications. In entryways or service areas of apartments, offices, hotels, motels, retail shops, malls, restaurants, bars, schools, churches, factories. It is 100% Australian made, Voted #1 for warranty free issue product.

NOVAPRODUCTS GLOBAL is a specialist for over 40 years in matting

Novatred entrance matting

Novatred Matting

– Heavy-duty matting options
– 8-year warranty
– Single-sided aluminium
– WA made and stocked
– Easy to clean
– Variety of  designs

12mm Nuway Duraguard Module 2 Closed

Nuway Matting

– Fully Reversible – Two Mats in One
– The Only Mat On The Market With 20 Year Warranty
– Supplied and Installed in WA for over 35 Years
– Architectural Entrance Mat with Wide Range of Options
– Low OH & S Maintenance
– Technical Support and After Sales Service

Nuway Reversible Entrance Matting systems offer premium performance to provide a solution for every high traffic entrance giving architectural image whilst offering exceptional protection against moisture, corrosive grit and grim. Available in many different colours, Nuway Entrance matting systems have been at the forefront of specialist entrance flooring technology for over 75 years.

Flexible Matting

Flexible Matting

– Heavy duty tufted nylon pile
– Flexible, waterproof rubber vinyl backing
– Water absorption rating – 6 Lt/m²
– Pile density – 75,000 tufts/m²
– Superior dirt removal
– Suits recessed or loose lay requirements
– 5 year warranty

Portal Plus matting, is designed specifically for commercial duty clean off zones. Portal Plus is a heavy duty nylon entrance matting, with a pile density sufficient to act as a brush on footwear, which helps to remove and contain the dust. Moisture is also removed by capillary attraction in the tufting, providing an
excellent moisture barrier.

Nova interlocking gym tile

Interlocking matting

Novaproducts interlocking drainage matting is an excellent option for showers, baths, hydrotherapy, dog cleaning areas, offices, recreation centres and swimming pools.

Novaproducts has not had any warranty claims on Novatred clean off zone matting since 2000 when it was invented. This aluminium retainer Entry Matting is respected Australia wide and demanded by Architects who want a good mix of quality matting with cheap price and lowest cost matting long term. We have repeat customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane Cairns, Tasmania and Rottnest.

Our matting range includes a commercial entry system with a huge variety of flexible mattings, models, colours and more.

As once said SAFETY STARTS AT THE FRONT DOOR.  Specify it correct in the first place.

People entering a building will not wipe their feet unless there is something to TRIGGER  this.

A Shiny and slippery look floor or a White carpet ahead will trigger pedestrians to clean their feet. However, there is still many that simply walk in.

Consider door types is critical, a large revolving door with a large weather-protected area in front of it is the ultimate. This promotes many steps, every step on prime condition Novaguard matting will remove 10% of removable soil.

This means the ultimate amount of steps is more than 10 of each foot.

The shuffling effect of the person using a  rotary door is foot forced Cleansing

So in 1.5 metres of rotary door matting, you can achieve 10 steps of each foot thus reducing the matting requirement. In the same principle, manual doors are better than automatic doors.

Importance of Entry Matting

It is important that matting is specified correctly at the entrance to buildings.

Did you know Ingress of moisture and dirt  is responsible for:

– 70% of floorcovering deterioration,  25% of persons slipping and  I.T failures

Also consider the cost of cleaning stains and general areas, dust in light fittings – security sensors.

Consider the Winter panic – emergency barriers, extra matting that ends up being taped to the flooring then leaving sticky substance and a whole chain reaction of issues.


Tips from our Novaproducts Team

Mat’s best design position is in the driest warm area with airflow.

If the mat is outside then winter (the bigger ingress of dirt season -) will keep matting moist even undercover.

It is best practice to avoid rain spray on matting as then matting will not remove moisture and therefore feet will carry dirt.

The addition of NOVAGRATE allows extra drainage and air circulation under and through matting for drying.

Whether you use Novaguard, Novatred or Flexible matting  – they all will work for your building and with a consultation with NOVAPRODUCTS GLOBAL, you will get some of the most experienced support.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian and New Zealand Standards, and the Disability Discrimination Act implement a national standard for minimizing the risks connected with floor coverings, as well as securing safety. Please see a few of Australian standards for floor coverings:

  1. Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  2. Slip Resistance In Wet Areas
  3. BD-094: Slip Resistance of Flooring Surfaces

Australian standards:

Autralian Made
Landing PBG

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