COMPANY NEWS UPDATE – BIM (Revit) Library Launch

Novaproducts Global is proud to announce the launch of a new library of BIM content.

Created natively in Revit, the Novaproducts Global provides designers a highly valuable resource of easy to use, parametric Revit models that generate accurate drawings, schedules and have a high degree of 3D visualisation capabilities.

The Novaproducts Global Revit library is especially valuable to designers working on Carparks, incorporating a full suite of Revit families for this area of design. Within the Revit families, users are able to easily modify the models to select from Novaproducts Global’s range of product sizes, materials and installation options where applicable.

Also included in the Revit families are design guidelines and references to relevant standards and codes (although we recommend always checking official standards for currency and accuracy) which will assist designers and contractors all the way through to procurement.

To access the Novaproducts Global Revit library and start using the content in your projects today – email us here!