Nova 741 Series Floor Expansion Joint Cover

Nova 741 Series Floor Expansion Joint

The 741-floor expansion joint system presents a cost-effective solution for high-load-bearing spaces that frequently experience vehicular traffic, including parking garages, warehouses, and similar environments.

Floor-to-Floor Expansion Joint Covers

The 741-floor system is meticulously engineered to accommodate both pneumatic and solid tires, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Choose the 741-floor expansion joint system for a reliable solution that can withstand the demands of heavy vehicle usage, while remaining budget-friendly.

Our team of experienced engineers is readily available during both the design and construction phases. They offer expert assistance, ensuring seamless integration of the joints and providing valuable insights into design and installation details.

Trust Novaproducts to provide top-notch support throughout the entire process, from initial design to the final installation of our 741 Series expansion oints. Achieve robust and watertight expansion joints with our reliable solutions and professional expertise.

– Joint movement: +/- 50, +/- 100%
– Joint width: 2″-6″
– Vapour barrier option available
– Fire-rated (A01) option available


More Expansion Joint Cover options available.

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