Novaproducts has proudly designed and developed the NOVABINS.

Stainless Steel bins. Recycling and general waste options.


Novaproducts understands the paramount importance of responsible waste management within the commercial and industrial sectors. Our comprehensive range of general waste and recycling bins is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses while contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Range of General Waste Bins

Efficiency and cleanliness are at the heart of our general waste disposal solutions. Our bins come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate the diverse waste volumes generated by commercial and industrial operations. From sleek and compact options ideal for tight spaces to large-capacity bins suitable for high-traffic areas, we have a bin to match every requirement.

Key Features & Benefits

– Durability: Crafted from robust materials, our bins are built to withstand the demands of heavy use, ensuring a long lifespan.

– Hygiene: Airtight lids and leak-resistant construction help maintain a clean and sanitary environment, reducing odours and preventing contamination.

– Customisation: Tailor your waste management strategy with colour-coded bins and signage options, promoting proper waste segregation.

Recycling Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Embrace sustainability with our innovative recycling bins designed to streamline the separation and collection of recyclable materials. We recognise the vital role businesses play in reducing their carbon footprint, and our recycling solutions are engineered to make recycling second nature.

Key Features & Benefits

– Compartmentalisation: Our recycling bins come with multiple compartments, enabling effortless sorting of materials like paper, plastic, glass, and more.

– Visual Appeal: Stylish designs and clear labelling encourage employees and visitors to participate actively in recycling efforts.

– Eco-Friendly Materials: Just as we encourage recycling, we practice what we preach by utilising environmentally friendly materials in the construction of our bins.

– Capacity Variability: Whether you’re a small office or a large-scale industrial facility, our range caters to your specific recycling needs.


With years of experience in waste management solutions, Novaproducts is your trusted partner in maintaining a clean, efficient, and environmentally conscious workplace. We offer tailored guidance to help you select the perfect bins for your premises, ensuring your waste disposal aligns with your business values.

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet. Contact Novaproducts today to explore our wide range of general waste and recycling bins for your commercial and industrial needs. Together, let’s pave the way to a cleaner, greener future.




Width: 600mm

Stainless steel sheet thickness: 1.6mm

Total NOVABIN height: 1141mm (min) – 1241mm (max)
Door height: 950mm
Lid height: 191mm
Adjustable bolt welded to base plate: up to 50mm





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