Novafence is a pre-fabricated modular cage and fencing system. Novaproducts is an emerging metalwork and steelwork preferred supplier to tier 1 construction.
Our panels are made of 100% high-quality steel and developed with your safety in focus!

Long-lasting Solutions – Our Property protection products with specially adapted mesh panel solutions for storage in new and existing buildings.

Pre-fabricated modular cage and fencing systems, Novaproducts has got a wide range of fencing systems, such as stainless steel chain mesh, steel panels, mesh panels, cages and gates. Contact us for more options available.

What makes us unique is the provision of alternative design options to meet competitive pricing. We have an excellent capacity to value engineers to create better products with a better turnaround time. All materials needed to make your design are sourced with the first choice being Australian-made.

The Mesh panel provides you with a light and airy storage environment and can also be used as a partition wall in our other systems. The mesh, constructed from press-welded 2.5mm wires with a mesh aperture of 50 x 50mm, is welded to a 19 x 19mm tubular frame for added strength.

Steel Panels: A durable and easy-to-install storage system is of great value. The corrugated, full steel sheet panels make it impossible to see into the storage room.

Fencing: Novafence is made from galvanised steel chain mesh which comes in custom sizes with a 12-month warranty. We can provide PVC coated in black and green as a special request. Also available in Stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless Steel Chain mesh: This withstands any weather in any region and environment: warm, humid, harsh corrosive, wet, and heat parts can be supplied fully welded and or with modular fittings.

Gates and railings: We custom-make gates – locks – posts and rails to suit your needs.

Novacages: use indoors & outdoors. Quick and easy free-standing solution.

Our range of products includes Fences, Building Storage, Cages, Loft Spaces, Lockers and Enclosures.

Do you know that 70% of the world’s stainless steel use is from recycled metals which makes them relatively environmentally friendly metals?

We make your imaginations a reality, just come to us with your ideas and we will find out exactly what you want, You will be surprised.

Commercial chain mesh fencing is made from galvanised steel wire sometimes called chain wire, chain link or diamond mesh. It is also extremely strong and durable, which will withstand many seasons and rugged weather of all terrains.

Commercial chain mesh fencing is the most effective fencing solution on the market here at Novaproducts we can customise your fencing needs by colour, cut and backed with experienced knowledge Novaproducts is here to guide you through all your commercial fencing queries in all our locations: Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Commercial chain mesh fencing is an excellent choice for commercial & industrial security on all types of properties often used more so than any other fencing type in the commercial sector.


– Doors
– Locks
– Silencers
– Shelving
– Number plates
– Storeroom numbering
– Door closer
– Components



Mesh Panels & Steel Panels
Dimensions available:

2200mm x 200mm | 2200mm x 300mm
2200mm x 500mm | 2200mm x 700mm
2200mm x 800mm | 2200mm x 1000mm
2200mm x 1200mm | 2200mm x 1500mm


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