Novalliance Matting

Novalliance flexible entrance flooring provides a strong barrier at the entrances of buildings to stop the ingress of dirt and water from the outside. The Novalliance entrance flooring becomes soiled with use. Dirt has to be removed in order to keep the Novalliance barrier zones effective. Novalliance matting can be joined and flexible ramp edge to customised size.

Probably the best out there

Novalliance entry mat is very distinctive from the typical range of current products in this field. It has an ingenious mix of smaller and larger polyamide filaments which results in extraordinary density. As a result, dirt and moisture are more adequately stopped and contained, which results in a reduction in cleaning costs.

Our Novalliance entry mat has a classy design that hides walk-in dirt and moisture and at the same time results in a practically seamless floor. The colour range consists of 10 beautiful colours. Novalliance provides a perfect combination with other types of floor coverings, is very easy to maintain and can be used in heavily trafficked areas. Moreover, it exceeds NCC fire requirements for all classes of buildings.

Novalliance matting effectively reduces walked-in dirt and water.

Novalliance Matting is produced using solar energy and 33% of the yarns are recycled. Novalliance exceeds NCC fire requirements for all classes of buildings, is rated to European standards (EN1307) as “Commercial Heavy” & also tested with excellent results to European standards for slip resistance, colour fastness, dimensional stability & acoustical insulation.

Advantages & Features

– 7-year warranty
– A sustainable matting solution
– Saves up to 65% in cleaning costs
– Reduced dust levels – improving indoor air quality considerably
– Reduces noise levels by 32dB
– Made from 33% recycled yarn
– Made using solar energy
– 2000mm wide rolls can be joined to make foyer areas
– High wear resistance and can be wet cleaned
– Needs to be fixed down all edges to comply with Australian Standards.

Reference: MA0029S.




Rolls ± 25m x 200cm (cut to size)
Width: ± 200cm + 2cm vinyl border
Thickness pile: 8mm
Installation depth: 9mm

ISO 1766 ± 6.5mm


Novalliance Matting Datasheet


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