Novapanel CFC

Novapanel pre-finished compressed fibre cement for modular building and curtain wall cladding uses durable, inert, stable compressed fibre cement panels and it’s pre-coated under hygienic factory conditions.

Novapanel CFC has a premium quality two-pack polyurethane finish, which results in outstanding exterior durability and excellent chemical and graffiti resistance. The coating is based on very reactive acrylic resin crosslinked with aliphatic isocyanate and is pigmented using the most durable pigments available. Novapanel has a 10-year warranty and is available in standard and custom colours.


– In-factory painting of building cladding and fascias
– Finishing prestige furniture and interior wall cladding, etc.
– High capital cost structures
– Graffiti-resistant coatings both coloured and or clear.


Novapanel Universal CFC Datasheet


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