Novarail and handrail combo

novarail hand rail with specs

Our Novarail crashrail and handrail combination is ideal for extra protection with current Australian standards. Choose among any of our large range of handrail design and options and combine it with our Novarail crashrail.

Novaproducts Global has a large range of code compliant Handrail designs and options which have been supplied and installed for a variety of different projects over many years.  The handrail range includes vinyl colours, Metal & Wood grain looks, Wood, Bamboo, Metal,  AntiMicrobial vinyl, Profiles, and is perfect to combine with Novarail. See pictures below of Novarail and Handrails combined. For more information on Handrails Call (08) 9455 2888

Choose Among a Wide Range of Handrails

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