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Office System Access Flooring

Raised Access Floor Panel without HPL finish (bare panel) ready for carpet ideal for areas such as:

– Call Centres
– Foyers
– Boardrooms
– Telecommunication Areas
– Educational Facilities
– General Offices
– Financial Institutions
– Resource Centres


Code: KT712 GT2111



The corner lock system is used to install the OFFICE SYSTEM Access Floor panel without HPL (bare panel). The panels are screwed into the pedestal heads in all four corners which allow for easy removal when installing new equipment cables.



Office System Access Flooring uses a gravity held a panel in a stringer system or corner lock system where the panel is screwed to a pedestal with no stringers. The corner lock system is quicker, cheaper and lighter.

The Office System by Novaproducts is designed to take modular carpet tiles. Normally, a tacky light-duty adhesive is used to hold carpet tiles in place
It’s a TRAP to try and align carpet tiles with panels. Most carpet tiles are 500 x 500 and the corner lock is 600 x 600mm.

Computer access floor systems are undoubtedly the best way to preserve ceilings, reduce high-risk ceiling work for aircon and electrical repairs.
Running services such as communication cables power cables hot and cold water sewage gas pipes fire services, CCTV systems central heating etc this reduces risk to personnel, equipment by operating underfloor. This the best way to fit these services into a building.
The office system access floor allows for easy moving of office, photocopiers fish tanks etc with little to no extra cutting or destruction of normally ceiling panels/walls.

The parts:
The panels are mostly 4.5 kg capacity, 38 mm thick, with a rust-resistant coating. The panels on access flooring are steel encapsulated cementitious panels.
Very strong and fireproof and buckle stable.
Cities such as Darwin, Hobart, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Sydney, central coast, cairns, Perth and Adelaide all have this product installed and mostly remain in good condition for decades.

It is good to practise to make sure all panels placed in the same position and orientation.
In construction and specification reference should be made to plenty of spares evenly panels.
The manufacture and installer should be recorded on panels and the base floor for future reference.

Cutouts in panels and vents, grilles and grommets and power outlets should be specified to keep tendered price down on computer raised floors.
Panels can be customised with commercial floor vinyl covering. It is important to ensure the floor is sealed with a concrete sealer to reduce dust.
Hints – read CONTROL ROOM SYSTEM DETAILS as there is valuable information for this product as well. Don’t design panels to be a full panel at the edge.

Novaproducts supply and install all access floor requirements including ramps handrails tactiles and carpet or vinyl.

Panel Type: Steel Raised Floor with HPL Finish

Installation: Corner Lock System or Stringer & Pedestal System

Panel Size: 600 x 600mm, 35mm width, FFH minimum for this system is 80mm. If the Finish floor height exceeds 300mm the Pedestal & Stringer System. needs to be used

Surface Colour: Ready for installation of floorcovering. Carpet Flooring available

Concentrated Load: ?1000lb, ?4450 N, ?4.5kN

Uniform Load (N/m2): ?23000

Ultimate Load (N): 213350

Australian standards: