office system

Raised Access Floor Panel without HPL finish (bare panel) ready for carpet ideal for areas such as:

– Call Centres
– Foyers
– Boardrooms
– Telecommunication Areas
– Educational Facilities
– General Offices
– Financial Institutions
– Resource Centres


Code: KT712 GT2111



The corner lock system is used to install OFFICE SYSTEM Access Floor panel without HPL (bare panel). The panels are screwed into the pedestal heads in all four corners which allow for easy removal when installing new equipment cables.



Panel Type: Steel Raised Floor with HPL Finish

Installation: Corner Lock System or Stringer & Pedestal System

Panel Size: 600 x 600mm, 35mm width, FFH minimum for this system is 80mm. If the Finish floor height exceeds 300mm the Pedestal & Stringer System. needs to be used

Surface Colour: Ready for installation of floorcovering. Carpet Flooring available

Concentrated Load: ?1000lb, ?4450 N, ?4.5kN

Uniform Load (N/m2): ?23000

Ultimate Load (N): 213350

Australian standards: