Acoustic Vinyl Flooring

Eco-friendly Vinyl Flooring With Extraordinary Sound Reduction

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Perth

100% phthalate Free
15 Db Noise Reduction
R 10 Slip Rating
Fire Retardent

With a prize winning design and an amazing range of 32 colours and 6 designs, The Silence range is the obvious choice for anyone seeking quality flooring. The Silence range is recyclable and 100% Phthalate Free with environmental accreditation. Novaproducts Silence Vinyl flooring has extraordinary impact sound reduction of (approx) 15 dB

It’s so quiet you will not believe it is vinyl
Silence is the latest acoustic commercial flooring product in Perth. It’s up to five times more noise absorbent than common 2mm commercial floor vinyls.
Test it yourself
Step 1: Request a sample from Novaproducts
Step 2: Get a 50 cent coin and drop it on some common vinyl flooring
Step 3: Immediately do it onto the Silence Vinyl
Step 4: Now imagine trolley traffic in a hospital with all the background noise
Silence is so quiet it has to be German technology.

5 times higher acoustic rating – The inside counts
Silence vinyl flooring is phthalate free meaning no phthalate content. Phthalates are the foul chemicals in vinyl flooring that are thought to contribute to cancer and Asthma. It is what is NOT inside that counts as well. You will not find a Vinyl this environmentally friendly elsewhere. This is the vinyl flooring that Perth has been waiting for. Perth, being the vinyl capital of Australasia, can now be V.O.C Phthalates free.
Pricing is not German
Western Australia always requires the best vinyl and most economical vinyl flooring available. Look no further, Silence is at normal pricing levels for commercial use.
Wet Rated/R10 Slip Rating:
With the R10 slip rating you can safely use this product in corridors, stores, cleaners and entries. Historically difficult to find an elegant, safe and quiet floor for Café areas, lunch rooms, and surgery areas, Silence is the all in one product.

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