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Novaproducts Global has been appointed the exclusive supplier of Artigo rubber flooring in Western Australia. The ultimate collaboration of technology, creativity and environmental awareness, Artigo floor coverings have been developed over 60 years – in conjunction with Pirelli, Mondo and Sottsass Associati. Artigo flooring is made from rubber, a naturally occurring (as well as synthetically produced) petroleum by-product, which does not deplete natural resources.
This range offers an innovative solution to some of the most demanding floor situations in hospitals, shopping centres, railway stations, cinemas and hotels. Artigo rubber flooring delivers several benefits in the installed space, including: environmental advantages, easy cleaning, durability, hygiene, high fire safety, non-static properties and quick installation, among others.
As leading global suppliers, our range of Artigo rubber floor coverings are manufactured without highly toxic substances, and includes low emission of V.O.C as per strict German standards. The product conforms to the most rigorous European environmental standards.

Easily able to be cleaned, Artigo rubber floors have been surface treated for better resistance to chemicals and staining. As a result, the dense, sealed surface and perfect joining methods create seamless, hygienic floors.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

• Durable – hard wearing and impact resistant , self-healing properties
• Environmentally friendly (GECA approved – Good Environmental Choice Accredited). This product will not release V.O.Cs at ambient temperatures
• Sound absorbent – acoustic insulation of approximately three times greater than vinyl floor coverings
• Flexible and resilient – tough and able to resist impact. Rubber flooring also has the ability to accommodate some structural movement.
• The range of colours, textures, patterns and designs is diverse
• Easy to install and conduct maintenance on – no costly coating, sealing, welding or polishing required
• Superior thermal insulation for increased comfort and energy efficiency
• Low lifecycle cost – economically proven to have a longer life span and lower maintenance costs
• Quality tested by our suppliers – manufactured and tested to European and Australian standards for both fire and slip resistance.
• Does not require welding to seams, although can be welded as per vinyl welding.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring


Accord Premium P.U.R Vinyl

Accord Premium Vinyl is a versatile, high quality vinyl floor covering which is easy to clean and maintain
and will provide an attractive, durable surface finish for any facility. The Accord range offers several
surface options so you can select one best suited to your application.

Accord vinyl has proven excellent performance for the following applications:
• Hospitals, Emergency rooms, Nursing homes, corridors and dental offices.
• Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Dental surgery’s
• Education Facilities, Canteens and Science Laboratories
• Computer Rooms, Computer Repair Rooms and PC-4 Laboratories

Accord Vinyl Flooring

Accord Vinyl Flooring


Rubber is a fantastic noise dampener.  Effortlessly, the A1 resilient flooring retains its natural acoustic properties of the rubber it’s made from. making it suitable for a wide range of flooring applications where acoustic performance can be an added benefit.

Acoustamat 850RG  is a rubber product that has been manufactured using approximately 30% re-grinded rubber. Acoustamat 850RG is the recommended acoustic underlay for carpeted applications, and can be used in conjunction with  carpet underlays where required.  the higher density allows for effective acoustic results at a minimum thickness, keeping a low build height when used with carpet underlay.

850RG Acoustic Underlay

850RG Acoustic Underlay

Sport Rubber Flooring – Sport Impact

Sport Impact
Crafted from synthetic and natural vulcanised rubber (6mm or 8mm in thickness), this flooring product is set on a homogenous base, which features particles of identical formation (vulcanised onto a load-bearing subfloor). Featuring a slip resistance, heavy weight resistance and easy-to-clean surfaces that are antibacterial, this product has been used in Olympic Games throughout the years.
Available in a range of colours

Sport Impact is manufactured from natural/synthetic vulcanized rubber. The flooring consists of a homogeneous base which contains particles of identical formation, vulcanized onto a load-bearing subfloor. The high quality of this product has lead to it being installed at many Olympic Games. Due to the non-porous embossed surface, Sport Impact is easy to clean and maintain.

• Resistant to heavy weight sportsequipment and ice-skating blades
• Slip resistant
• Reduces heavy wear and tear
• Excellent resistance to cutting and ripping
• Antibacterial surface

Sport Impact

Sport Rubber Flooring – Sportflex

Sportflex is a manufactured sport floor with a unique closed-cell structure which is made from synthetic rubbers and mineral additives.
The surface is embossed, resulting in a vulcanised, slip resistant and anti-glare floor covering. Sportflex is designed to meet the needs of various external or internal sports and public activities.
Perfect for various sporting applications, this unique rubber flooring features closed-cell structures that has been crafted from synthetic rubbers and high quality minerals. The embossed surface offers optimal slip resistance and an anti-glare finish. Best of all, this product is designed to last more than 20 years.
Novaproducts supplies the Ultimate Rubber flooring which is made from a raw material that has unique stress-resistance and excellent elasticity characteristics which makes it perfect for producing high-performance flooring and is accredited given the green tick of approval with GECA certification & LEEDS association ensuring that it is safe for the environment at every stage of its life cycle.

The Rubber flooring has been thoughtfully developed to combine technological innovation and ultimate functional performance which is delivered in a range of unique finishes based on either natural material blends, or small ‘random events’ when function and form collide. The sealed surface is also inherently hygienic and the covering can continue up along walls, thereby eliminating any joints with the floor where bacteria can deposit or form and all joints can be heat-sealed for total surface disinfection. The latest PRO and TXL surface treatments ensure easy and quick maintenance, considerably reducing energy expenditure.


• High slip resistance
• Good shock absorption
• Good energy return

• Anti-bacterial and anti—microbial
• 20 year and more life expectancy
• Low-life cycle costs
• Stain resistant
• Easy to repair

SportsFlex - Ak Rugby Stadium

SportsFlex – Ak Rugby Stadium

For application throughout gymnasiums, health clubs and various sporting locations, the Mondoflex rubber flooring range is available in two styles:
-Mondoflex I: a natural synthetic sport flooring with included slip resistance and a smooth surface.
-Mondoflex II: a polyurethane foam underlay with optimal energy absorption.

Mondoflex - WA

Mondoflex – WA

Sport Flooring – Mondosport

Mondosport I is a pressed homogenous vinyl flooring with an embossed and slip resistant surface. The flooring has a transparent polyurethane finish which creates an easy to clean floor covering. Mondosport I vinyl sport floor is suitable for new construction and refurbishment of multipurpose environments.
Mondosport II has a polyurethane foam underlay. The density and hardness of the underlay is modulated to provide certain levels of impact and energy absorption. Its surface properties ensure good ball bounce.

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