Portal Plus Entrance Matting (MA0039S)

Portal Plus

Portal Plus matting is designed specifically for commercial duty clean off zones. Portal Plus is a heavy duty nylon matting, with a pile density sufficient to act as a brush on footwear, which helps to remove and contain the dust. Moisture is also removed by capillary attraction in the tufting, providing an excellent moisture barrier. Portal Plus improves indoor air quality by reducing the circulation of dust which contributes towards a reduction in absentees. The ability of Portal Plus matting to absorb sound further enhances its positive contribution to peoples comfort and well being inside a building.

Portal Plus has been proven the best as it:

-Has a heavy commercial wear rating
-Saves up to 65% in cleaning costs
-Reduces dust levels by 80% which improves indoor air quality
-Reduces noise levels by 32db
-Satisfies Health & Safety requirements.
Reference: MA0039S

Product Specifications

Rolls: 200cm wide with flexible rubber / vinyl backing excluding the 2cm vinyl edge.
Pile height: ± 6.9mm
Total height: ± 9.0mm
Pile density: 0.102 g/cm³
Total weight: ± 3.120 g/m
Wear classification: Intensive
Depth for fitting: 8mm

Fitting Instructions

It is recommended that the Entrance Matting System is adhered with Spectrum Uzin KE2000S adhesive. The subfloor must be clean, smooth and stable in accordance with BS8203-2001. Adhesive must be carried out in accordance with instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.
Detailed cleaning instructions are available upon request.
Loose lay matting may no longer be complaint to OHS or BCA.  All flexible matting should be adhered to the floor surface.


Entrance Matting Specification


Portal Plus Maintenance

Portal Plus Maintenance


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