Corner Guards, Wheelstops and Speed Humps Available Online

Novaproducts supplies and installs a range of different products to assist with speed control in car parks. Speed humps, bollards and wheelstops play an important role in ensuring that a car park meets the level of safety the Australian Standard sets out.  Novaproducts products meet the requirements which the Australian Standards sets out.


Here at Novaproducts, we supply environmentally friendly wheelstops made from 100% recycled rubber compounds. A lightweight, reliable alternative to concrete blocks, our wheelstops are easy to install and move between sites. Featuring a bright yellow chevron pattern, they provide a high level of visibility and reflectivity.


Also manufactured from recycled rubber, our speed humps are designed and built to your specifications. They come with fixed reflectors to increase visibility and rounded end-caps to eliminate tripping hazards for pedestrians.

Rubber Corner Guards

Economical, durable solutions to the effects of impact and abrasion generated by heavy vehicles.  Novaproducts rubber corner guards is excellent, versatile protection to be used in car parks and warehouses where machinery and vehicles and generate damage to corners.

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From humps to tactile indicators, we supply a wide range of exterior and interior safety products. To find out more about our collection, please feel free to contact us today. Call Novaproducts on (08) 9455 2228 or fill out our online enquiry forms, and we will reply to your messages as soon as we can.

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