Galvanised Stair Nosing SN0023C
Galv D colors and sizes

Novaproducts offer a large range of high quality Anti-Slip stair tread nosing’s that are designed to cover all slippery, worn or broken step surfaces and provides prevention against slip, trip and fall accidents, increasing stair safety.


-Suitable for all stair surfaces (Metal, Concrete, Masonry, Timber)

luminescent stair nosing

luminescent Galv D Option

-Ideal for Checkerplate, Grating or Flat Plate steel stairs
-Bright safety yellow non-slip coating makes all steps highly visible
-The Anti-Slip properties overcomes the problem of wet, oily surfaces
-High impact resistance
-Chemical and UV resistance – see our test results
-Custom manufactured to your specification of size and non-slip grade
-Simple DIY installation (Pre-drilled if required to suit application)
-Durable Stainless Steel or Aluminium backing
-AS/NZS Certified
-Covered by a 5 year warranty
Reference: SN0023C

Galv D can be custom made to most size requirements.
Galv D nosing

Fixing Instructions

-If electing to drill own fixing holes, mark hole positions and drill through from the underside surface
-Make certain sufficient holes or adhesive is applied to anchor the nosing firmly to the base structure
-Where adhesive is used remove all loose matter, grease or rust from the step surface and clean with -solvent before applying adhesive
-Choose correct fixings to suit the given structure – some options are shown below

galvanised stairnosing 10mm riser

Galv D Nosing with 10mm riser


Galv D Stairnosing Details

Galv D Stairnosing Details

Galv D Test Results

Galv D Test Results

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