Novaproducts Global has a large range of Bump-rail / Crash-rail / Wall Buffer products available which we can and have supplied and Installed at many Major Health care projects. Floor mounted Bump rails, stainless steel protection rails for amenity areas to protect from trolleys etc also available.   With our vast range of products,  your desired architectural design is achievable.

Wall Guard/Bumper Rail Range

Stainles Steel Crash Rail Bumper Rail
Stainless Steel Novarail (SP0092)
D-fender-rubber-wall-guard (SP0184)
2700 Chair Rail
2700 Chair Rail
1800 Silhouette Wall Guard
1800 Silhouette Wall Guard (SP0189)
200 series wall guard
200 series wall guard
Nova 700 Series Wall Guard
Nova 700 Series Wall Guard

MOQ= Minimum Order Quantities

Novarail crash rail bumper rail
Novarail Bumper Rail (SP0087)
Bamboo Crash Rail Straight
Bamboo Crash Rail Straight (SP0138)
1600 wall guard
1600 wall guard
1500WG-4 (SP0037)
1400 wall guard
1400 wall guard
1300 wall guard
1300 wall guard (SP0346)
curved bamboo crash rail
Curved Bamboo Crash Rail (SP0139)
Australian Hardwood Crashrail
Australian Hardwood Crashrail
50AA Aluminum Wall Guard
50AA Aluminum Wall Guard (SP0093)
30SS Stainless Steel Wall Guard
30SS Stainless Steel Wall Guard
NuTree Wall Guard
NuTree Wall Guard
1500 silhouette Wall Guard
1500 silhouette Wall Guard (SP0037)
Nova Bump 75mm (SP0012P)
Nova Bump 150mm (SP0008P)

Past Projects – Crash Rail

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The most popular options supplied and installed by Novaproducts Global is the:

-IPC High Impact vinyl Wall Guard with Aluminium Retainers (Different sizes available)
-Novarail High Impact vinyl wall guard with Timber Backing
-Range of Natural Hard Wood Wall Guards e.g Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak and many more.
-Bamboo Wall Guards – Natural & Carbonized finishes with a high quality 7 layer coating
-Aluminium Wall Guards/Crash  Rails
-Stainless Steel Wall Guard/Crash Rails
-Solid Rubber Wall Guards/Crash Rails
-Wood Bumper Rails/ Wood Wall guards
-High impact resistant wall protection
-Many colours and designs available
-Ideal for hotels, childcare and hospitals

Wall Guard / Bumper Rail has the following Advantages & Benefits:

-Easy to Install
-Supply & Install Packages Available
-Extremely long wearing due to its robust and Flexible properties
-10 day Turn around
-Range of Different Profiles
-Eco Friendly Options
-Timber Look Options
-Economical Options to suit any Budget
-High Quality Finish
-Large Colour Range and Design Options Including Custom Sizes and Custom Colours.

Novarail Bumper Rail

-Powder coated with anodised options
-soft rounded edges for extra safety
-extremely flexible product, can be custom made for any width.
-Two standard thicknesses: 12 and 25mm.

An economical and hard wearing Bumprail that is ideal for almost any situation, especially for protecting stud walls. Novarail is installed with a unique fix system. Installed in many major hospitals throughout  Australia. Novarail comes with aluminium edging which can be anodised or powder coated and a high impact rigid vinyl cover for extra strength. This product  is extremely versatile, can be customised for any width.  Two standard thickness’s  15 and 27 mm. Novarail has a high impact vinyl and has many colour options, custom colours are also available.

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Custom Novarail- Hotel LED Rail


-Create your unique look while protecting your walls
-Ideal for Hotels and way finding solutions
-Various options of LED colours

Novarail Drawing
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