PVC TacAlert Tactile Studs TT0040N

PVC Tactile Indicators Studs
Tacalert™ Tactile Individual Studs are an imperative safety measure, set out in the Building Code requirements, to advise vision impaired personnel of potential hazards.

Tacalert™ Tactile Individual Studs are suitable for interior or exterior applications and are ideal for retrofitting or new construction.


Attractive Architectural appearance
Long Lasting
UV StabilizedGREY pvc tactile stud
Anti-slip surface
Complies with AS/NZS 1428.41
Colour Match to PVC Stairnosing Insert from Novaproducts
Largest colour range currently available in Australia
Suitable for interior or exterior applications
Idea for retrofitting to bring existing installations into line with Building Code and safety requirements
Perfect for new buildings
Templates and instructions available
Full installation service available
Reference: TT0040N


To ensure that TacAlert™ TGSI’s are installed to comply with AS/NZ 1428.4, interlocking templates are available from Novaproducts Global. Detailed installation instructions are also available on request. Templates for curves or other complex designs can be custom made – please inquire.


Luminance contrast of TacAlert™ TGSI’s is the difference between the amount of light reflected from the Tactiles and the amount of light reflected from the surrounding surface. Full details are available from Novaproducts Global and by referring to AS/NZ 1428.4


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