Ultimate Tactile indicators INS2106IH

“The ultimate solution for anyone looking for faster turnaround and less paperwork on-site.”
Ultimate Tactile Indicators 1

.Ultimate Tactile Indicators are manufactured and installed in-house by Nova Products Global.


    • -Faster turnaround

    • -Can be made as stock for onsite use on call.

    • -Accurate finish

    • -Cleaner finish

    • -More economical

    • -No removal of cracked masonry tiles on site

    • -Better adhesion

    • -No site water or chemical issues

    • -No site noise on site

    • -Fits in with block work tactiles or paving tactiles

    • -Can be installed later to avoid damage on site

    • -No adjoin tenant disturbance issues

    • -Easily replaced at later date with little or no down time.

    • -Installed on your selection of tile (keep to increments of 50 mm)

    • -Less site paperwork EG MSDS, JSA ,HR checks.

    • -Defect tactiles can be replaced rather than patched.

Any of our individual Discrete, Directional, PVC, Stainless steel Tactiles, Brass,, Black stainless steel Tactiles can be used.

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