Lion Stair Nosing Insert

CCRG 10 Lion Stair Nosing SN0070

-Designed for rough areas
-Superior Anti-slip
-Long Lasting
-Available in many colours, Yellow is standard.
-High impact resistance
-Chemical Resistant
-UV resistant
-Australia and New Zealand certified
-Product code: SN0070

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Lion Stair Nosing /Stair Tread Insert is suitable for all types of stair surfaces (Masonry, Concrete, Timber, Metal), but is designed especially for rough areas, such as mining sites. The bright yellow highly slip-resistant colour coating ensures that all steps are highly visible.  Lion is a highly slip-resistant stair nosing overcoming all problems with oily and wet surfaces.  This product is Australia and New Zealand certified complying with all standards. The aluminium retained is 82 mm wide.

More features:

  • P5 Rated  Slip Resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in many colours, (yellow is standard)
  • High impact resistance
  • Chemical resistant and UV resistant
  •  Australia and New Zealand certified
  • Luminescent options available
  • WA made product



luminescent Option


Lion Insert with Aluminium Retainer


Ral colours



 Datasheet CCRG 10 Lion

Australian standards:

Click here for Australian standards on stairnosing