Novapoxy adhesives

Epoxy 2 pack adhesive for high strength requirements
Can be suited to tactile, stair nosing and other fixing requirements.


Novapoxy is designed for strength in areas that may even be slightly higher moisture however we suggest contacting our team before using it in a moist environment. it has high strength and shear resistance. Surfaces must be clean and DO NOT USE CHEMICAL WHEN MIXED TIME IS EXPIRED – if it says 15 minutes at 20*c then must be disposed of after this time. This product has a single tube dispenser that mixes the product as it travels through the tube.
the tube needs to be continuously pumped through once started. if the mixture stays in a tube for 10 minutes it may be cured before expelling and may render the tube unusable.
please read all instructions and safety data sheets before using them.

Novapoxy Gun

This gun suits a few adhesive products with two 2 part product tubes. , we can hire them with a deposit or they can be purchased outright.

For more information on Novapoxy Gun click here.



Applicator dispenser used for Novapoxy


– Sold separately
– May suit other products for multipurpose use



Novapoxy Safety Datasheet