Solution2YG stair nosing

Nova Solution2YG Stairnosing

-Designed for rough boots scenarios
-WA made
-3-meter lenghts
-Standard size: 50mmx10mm
-Large colour range



Solution 2YG is made from an ultra bonded exoxy coated with solid galvanised sheet steel. It is made specifically for the ultra rough work boot scenario. The maximum length for the stairnosing is 3 meters and the standard size is 50mm x 11mm with a ramp back.

Solution 2YG is available in an industrial-grade or commercial grade for severe grip, this product is not designed for the white-collar/child environment. The nosing can be screwed with a variety of fixings that are easy to remove and replace in case of wear/damage. The adhesive under the base reduces the noise of joining surfaces.

The nosing is made to order only to create a sealed product. The lead time is normally 2 weeks. For colour options, please refer to the colour range below. Minimum order quantity and special pricing apply for this product. Solution2YG has a 2-year guarantee (see written conditions).


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Ral colours