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Ready to elevate your construction projects to new heights? 

At Novaproducts Global, we understand the challenges you face in sourcing construction products and materials that not only meet your high-quality standards but also align with your commitment to sustainability. 

Why Choose Novaproducts Global for Your Construction Needs?

In a fast-paced industry where timeframes and budgets are often under intense scrutiny, Novaproducts Global rises above the rest. We pride ourselves on our “Can Do” approach, tackling demanding project requirements with precision and efficiency. 

From commercial and industrial to civil, healthcare, aged care and government-funded sectors, we have successfully executed projects nationwide, earning a reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier.

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart

Novaproducts Global is not just a supplier; we are an Australian second-fixing company that excels in Design, Fabrication, Installation and After-sales support. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our operations, ensuring your construction projects benefit from cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support.

Construction Products Tailored to Your Needs

Dive into a vast world of construction possibilities with Novaproducts Global, boasting an extensive array of high-quality and innovative construction materials, including:


Our tactile products are designed to enhance pedestrian safety. Choose from our range of tactiles to create accessible pathways that prioritise functionality and aesthetics.

Surface Protection

Preserve the integrity of your surfaces with our comprehensive surface protection solutions. From heavy-duty applications to delicate finishes, Novaproducts Global has the right products to safeguard your investments against wear and tear.

Stair Nosing

Staircases are a focal point in many constructions; our stair-nosing products blend safety and style seamlessly. Enhance the visual appeal of your staircases while ensuring a secure and slip-resistant environment.

Entrance Matting

First impressions matter, and our entrance matting solutions make a statement. Keep your spaces clean, safe and visually impressive from the moment visitors step through the door.

Access Flooring

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our access flooring solutions. Adapt your spaces effortlessly to changing requirements while enjoying the benefits of easy maintenance and durability.

Your Solution Starts with Novaproducts Global

When you partner with Novaproducts Global, you’re not just getting construction products — you’re gaining a dedicated ally in your projects. Our commitment to innovation, affordability and sustainability ensures you receive not just construction materials but solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Contact us today for more information, expert guidance or assistance in choosing the right construction products for your specific requirements. Your construction success story begins here — delve into our services and locations to unlock a world of possibilities!