Novaskirt Secure is our aluminium wall skirting

Elevate Your Space with Novaskirt Secure: The Ultimate Wall Skirting Solution

Are you tired of traditional skirting that falls short in terms of safety, durability, and aesthetics? Novaproducts presents the game-changing Novaskirt Secure – the Classic Wall Skirting that not only boasts a non-shrink arrowhead secure design but also combines hygiene, class, and toddler safety.

Why Novaskirt Secure?

Traditional skirting often falls short in two critical areas – safety and durability. A single lifted corner can trigger a domino effect, causing the entire length of the gasket to come loose. This results in extensive maintenance and added expenses. Novaproducts recognized this issue and engineered Novaskirt Secure, a secure commercial wall skirting designed to withstand up to 0.425g before showing any sign of coming loose.

Safety First

One of the standout features of Novaskirt Secure is its exceptional safety standards, especially when it comes to toddlers. We understand that accidents can happen, and that’s why our skirting is engineered to provide enhanced safety. With Novaskirt Secure, you can have peace of mind, knowing that it’s safer for toddlers and avoids equipment damage.

Hygiene at Its Best

Novaskirt Secure goes beyond safety. It’s crafted as a hygienically sealed system, making it ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount. This feature ensures that your space remains not only secure but also pristine.

Matchless Features & Benefits

Dimensions: Novaskirt Secure offers generous dimensions of 150mm x 5m, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your space.

Natural Anodised Finish: The natural anodised finish not only adds a sleek and elegant touch but also guarantees the skirting’s long-lasting durability.

Gasket Not Included In The Price: For your convenience, the gasket is sold separately, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Ask our team to help you with the right quote for you.

Corners Sold Separately: Complete the look with matching corners, available separately to complement your chosen design.

Novaskirt Secure is a revolutionary wall skirting solution developed by Novaproducts that combines safety, hygiene, durability, and style.

Upgrade your space with skirting that can withstand the test of time and provide a secure environment, especially for toddlers, while preventing equipment damage. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional skirting and welcome the future of wall skirting with Novaskirt Secure. Contact Us today for more information on this product

Classic skirting installation image with the gasket coming off the skirting.
Skirting Secure Video on Youtube

Novaskirt Secure Video

Want to know more? Watch our short video on Secure Skirting.

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