SheetMetal Work

NOVAPRODUCTS now have Sheet metal machinery and welding capacity in house

Novaproducts has been offering a fantastic array of in-house manufacturing services.

Our steelwork, welding and sheet metal work range from a list of standard products

We specialize in sheet metal fabrication for small scale/residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our workshop team is highly skilled and will gladly work with any kind of steel or other metals you bring to create products just right for you and your specific need.

Our welding facilities are capable of handling whatever demands you have as well, as our masterful team can handle different combinations of material thickness and materials including aluminium, copper, brass and steel.

Downpipe Protector

Downpipe protectors

– Manufactured in Perth
– Custom steel protectors
– Galvanised protectors

Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Corner Guards

– Creative design
– Range of colours available
Custom designed profiles

threshold ramp installed in Perth


– Nova Ramps are custom made to suit the Australian standard for slip resistance, luminescent contrast and correct angles
– Steel ramps are available from Panther Novaproducts Global
– Custom sizes available.


Fire components

Content is coming!

Focusing on light metal works

– Flanges
– Crash rail
– Flashings
– Angles
– Channels
– Boxes
– Z sections
– Fire component covers
– Ramps
– Custom top hats
– Floor grates covers

We have repeat customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Cairns, Tasmania and Rottnest.