Solution 2YG stair nosing

Your choice for industrial and mining

– Designed for rough boots scenarios

– WA-made

– Three-meter length

– Large colour range


Solution 2YG is made from an ultra-bonded epoxy coated with solid galvanised sheet steel. It is made specifically for the ultra-rough work boot scenario. The maximum length for the stair nosing is 3 metres and the standard size is 50mm*11mm with a ramp back.

Solution 2YG is available in an industrial-grade or commercial grade for severe grip, this product is not designed for the white-collar/child environment. The nosing can be screwed with a variety of fixings that are easy to remove and replace in case of wear/damage. The adhesive under the base reduces the noise of joining surfaces.

The nosing is made to order only to create a sealed product. The lead time is normally 2 weeks. For colour options, please refer to the colour range below. Minimum order quantity and special pricing apply for this product. Solution 2YG has a 2-year guarantee (see written conditions).



– Mining

– Workplaces

– Industrial workplaces


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