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Wide range of Stair Treads/ Stair Nosings in Australia – Find out what’s best for you

What stair tread/ stair nosing do I choose?

We at Novaproducts Global supply a wide of both internal and external stair nosings. Novaproducts has been supplying stair nosing and stair treads to  Australia for over 30 years. We have literally Supplied to and supplied and installed over 1000 stair tread projects across Australia. Over the years the team at Novaproducts have gained tremendous experience and knows what the right thing for your project is. One of our core values in the company is to provide long-life solutions for long-life building, meaning if you choose us at Nova you choose quality and dedication. Let us know what the criteria and specifications are for your project and we will come up with an economical solution that is tailored to your project.

What applications do stair treads have?

Stair tread nosing can be applied both externally and internally.  We have over the years developed products that have super anti-slip properties. They are easy to clean, very durable and have a wide range of anodizing options. We have stair treads that are ideal for hard floors, timber treads, metal stairs and ladders you name it. Many of our tread options are locally made in Perth, meaning more work stays in Australia.

CCRG Choice Stair Nosing - Registered design

Choice Stair Nosing

– UV-resistant
– Innovative registered design
– Easy to clean and to install

Lighted Stair Tread

LED Lighted Stair Nosing

– Economical
– Changing colours available
– 12 volts – no electrocution risk
– Replaceable parts
– LED Long Life (Six light colours available)


Naked Panther

– P5 slip-rated
– Superior anti-slip
– 50 colours
– Interior & exterior

Panther Stair Nosing

CCRG Panther

– Excellent anti-slip
– Interior & exterior surface
– Recess mount
– Hard floors
– 25 standard colours
– Easily curved

CCRG PVC Stair Nosing

Internal PVC Nosing

– Easy clean surface
– Very durable
– Surface or recess mount
– 6 standard colours
– Anodising options
– Internal only

Galv D Stair Nosings

Galv D Nosing

– Superior anti-slip
– Interior & exterior
– Hard floors
– Metal stairs
– Ladders

Nova Step Edge Stair Treads

Nova Step-Edge Nosing

– Excellent anti-slip in wet
– Interior & exterior recess
– Flush mount
– Ideal for timber treads
– Black, yellow, brown and white

Insert Tiger 2.0 Stair Nosing with CCRG 10 Retainer

Tiger 2.0 Insert

– Excellent anti-slip
– Unique design
– Interior & exterior
– Surface or recess mount
– Anodising options
– Can be used w/o base
– Also 25 standard colours

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The Australian building code is always changing, make sure that you are up to date with the latest stair tread standards, we at Novaproducts can help you find out whether your nosings are compliant or not.

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